Rain Gutters – Preparing For a Madison WI Winter

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Gutter Guards keep debris from accumulating in your rain gutters

Your rain gutters represent a first step in preventing ice damming that can cause roof damage, leaking and interior damage of ceilings, walls and floors.

In climates like we have in Madison Wisconsin, the combination of snow and changing temperatures create melt and freeze cycles on your roof and in you rain gutters. If debris is in your gutters, it can slow the flow of water. The result will be freezing water, ice build up and in many cases ice damming which can leads to water damage in your home.

An excellent first step in protecting your home and keeping your rain gutters functioning as they should is to consider a gutter guard to keep most debris out of the gutters.

Assuming your do not have a gutter guard in installed; consider following the checklist below to help maintain the best performance possible from your rain gutters.

Rain Gutters – Maintenance Checklist: 

  • Are you surrounded by trees? If so, remove any leaves or twigs from your rain gutters. This large debris is a good example of what a gutter guard system will keep out of your gutters. Do it before freezing weather hits.
  • Be sure all of your downspouts are working correctly. Downspouts are designed to direct water away from the foundation of your home. If standing water is around your foundation, you are increasing your chances of having moisture/water in your basement.
  • Do any of your rain gutters have cracks or splits in them? If so, it will be prudent to repair or replace them so no water seeps down to the foundation of your home or depending on the location, leaks into you home.
  • An option to consider is an ice melt system. They are low voltage electrical systems that melt ice on the edges of your roof and in your rain gutters to eliminate build up and all of the bad things that come with ice back up and ice damming.

To learn more about a gutter guard system for better gutter protection, check the gutter protection page on this website. Gutter protection allows homeowners to avoid the climbing, reaching and awkward activities at elevated heights. According to the World Health Organization, the annual average of ladder fall deaths in the United States is 365 with many attributed to gutter cleaning. Additionally, there are thousands of injuries related to gutter cleaning.

Rain Gutters – A Conclusion

Neglecting your rain gutter can cost you serious dollars on repairing flooded basements, leaky roofs, cracked and chipping paint on the exterior of your home, rotting wood, and invite insects into your home.

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