Consider Insulated Vinyl Siding to Boost a Home’s Energy Efficiency

Insulated Vinyl Siding | New Siding Installation |Madison WI | Sims Exteriors and Remodeling
Insulated Vinyl Siding | New Siding Installation |Madison WI | Sims Exteriors and Remodeling
Modern manufacturing enables foam insulation to be bonded directly to vinyl siding in a wide selection of colors, textures and styles

Jumping from the chill of a Madison WI winter to the heat and humidity of a typical summer tests the efficiency of your heating and cooling system. Replacing existing siding with insulated vinyl siding can improve the performance all year.

Insulated vinyl siding has been an option for new siding installation for decades, and with each year improvements in materials and techniques make is cost-effective choice.

Today’s standard vinyl siding is available in an array of colors and textures. The latest insulated options have caught up to offer an assortment of styles. The addition of modern vinyl siding not only boosts a home’s energy efficiency, it adds to curb appeal.

An Extra Layer of Protection

As Madison WI temperatures go up and down, so too do energy costs. Every home in the area features some level of insulation, but an additional layer is always welcome. Insulated vinyl siding is just that, an additional layer of insulation protection.

The insulation included with this versatile siding is a special formula of foam bonded to the underside of the siding. There are two standard forms: foam fused to the back of the vinyl siding panels, and foam molded to conform to the panels. Both systems perform well – the difference is based on which manufacturer you choose. Either can increase a home’s insulation rating from an R-value of between R-3 and R-5 (depending on manufacturer)

There are additional benefits to consider:

  • An extra layer of outside insulation also shields the home from outside noise – ideal for high traffic areas
  • Because it comes in a bonded, thicker product it has better resistance to cracks and impact like an occasional hail storm
  • Because it comes in stiffer panels it reduces imperfections and apparent “waves” in exterior walls
  • The added insulation improves your peace of mind and overall quality of life

Cost of Insulated Vinyl Siding vs. Value

Is a new siding installation plan including insulated siding worth it? There’s no easy answer. If your home was built since 1980, its insulation materials combined with modern building techniques mean it should be fairly well insulated – the newer, the better since technology has evolved rapidly in recent years. Homes built in the last 20 years won’t benefit as much from insulated vinyl siding as older construction. So, the additional cost may not be returned in terms of noticeable energy savings.

For homes built before 1980 it’s a different story. The older the home the more it can benefit from enhanced energy conservation methods. At the same time, the outside appearance of older homes will benefit as the new siding covers imperfections and provides an up-dated look.

As manufacturing techniques continue to advance, the cost difference between insulated vinyl siding and traditional siding has been reduced. In general the insulated version is 20% to 30% more than standard vinyl siding – not including installation by a professional siding contractor.

Modern vinyl siding has overcome early obstacles – early versions would break down from extreme heat, cold and exposure to sunlight. Today’s versions are created with 10% titanium dioxide pigment, making it resistant to the impact of ultraviolet (UV) light and extreme temperatures. Modern vinyl siding comes with a Grade indicating its resistance to UV light. The higher the rating, the more the siding will resist fading and weathering.

Environmental Awareness

When it first hit the market many years ago, vinyl siding could break down from heat and sunlight. When it did, unhealthy chemicals could be released into the environment. Advances in chemistry and manufacturing have meant stronger siding and cleaner air. The advances included adding polyvinyl chloride (PVC) to the vinyl formula. Using PVC reduces the breakdown and emission of carbon dioxide by up to 20%.

Insulated vinyl siding requires very little maintenance, comes in all the popular colors and styles. And for Madison WI residents concerned with the environmental impact of their home, it provides energy efficiency. As advances continue, the value with increase and the prices differential is likely to shrink.

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