A Deck Can Be More Than Just a Deck

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Taking time to review different ideas can help you get the most from your new deck

An experienced deck builder will tell you a well-conceived and constructed deck is much more than a simple addition to you home. This is because an experienced deck

builder is not limited by lack of vision. They have the ability to create a safe and exciting area your family can enjoy by themselves or with friends and guests.

Whether you enjoy a quiet BBQ or entertaining a group of friends and neighbors, a deck is a great place to simply enjoy your home more than ever.

Today, building options allow a wide variety of amenities, materials and levels making a deck ground zero for outdoor fun in spring, summer and fall.

How A Deck Builder Should Approach Your Deck

Deck - Building - Madison WI - Sims Exteriors - Remodeling
Decks are great for entertaining and having fun with friend and family

How you plan building a deck is similar to the way you plan building a home. A deck can be as humble or as extravagant as you like. The real challenge as a deck builder is assessing what you want from the beginning to increase your satisfaction and reduce expense.

Essential Deck Builder Questions

Below are a few questions to be asked prior to building a deck. They are great for planning and giving specific instructions your deck builder.

  • How do you expect to use your deck most often? Will you entertain or do you want a nice place for the family to relax quietly?
  • Do you want to add a Hot Tub or other features to expand the number of uses?
  • What types of furniture will you use?
    • Size of furniture
    • Size of grill
    • Fountains or other ornaments
    • What will be the height of your deck?
  • If two feet or less, no rail is required
  • If over two feet in height, rails are required
  • Do you want a bump out for grills or other reasons?
  • Do you need stairways or ramps? How many and what length are they?
  • Do you want benches?
  • Do you want planters?
  • Do you want special things done to accommodate landscaping?
  • Do you want multiple levels?
  • Do you want decorative accessories such as post caps or contoured
  • hand rails and spindles?
  • Do you want built in lighting?
  • Do you want build with treated lumber, cedar or composite?

There are a number of different ideas to consider, individually and in combination. Each idea can change the look and function of your deck. And, those decisions can impact

Dech - Building - Madison WI - Sims Exteriors - Remodeling
Even modest deck designs can add an entirely new dimension to the enjoyment of your home

the cost of your deck as well.

For example, a standard 14′ x 16′ deck with no frills (no stain, no stairs, two feet from the ground, no stone or weed fabric, no planters or lighting, etc.) built with treated lumber would start around $4,000, cedar $5,200 (30% more than treated lumber) and composite $7,200 (80% more than treated lumber).What usually happens, however, is material costs become a lower percentage of the total project cost because custom accessories and other issues in the building process (excavating, landscaping or siding removal) contribute heavily to the total.

Material Maintenance

Average Life 

Treated Wood Stain Every 2 years 15 – 20 Years
Cedar Stain Every 2 Years 15 – 20 Years
Composite Wash When Needed 20 – 25 Years

The real issue often becomes the look the homeowner wants and the ongoing maintenance.

Decks are a great way to get more enjoyment out of your home. And, down the road, if you decide you would like a sun room, you already have a head start on its construction. The best way to get the most out of your deck is to is to put thought in to it before you build. You’ll get what you want, enjoy it more and save money.

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