Don’t Overlook Winter Window Replacement Opportunities

If you’re like most Wisconsin homeowners you question the idea of a winter window replacement project. Don’t! With skilled, professional window installation you an update and protect you Madison WI home right now.

It’s natural to fear heat loss when changing out a window in winter temperatures. On the other hand, it isn’t energy efficient to open up your home when it’s hot and humid, either. In addition, homeowners question the quality of sealants and insulations installed when the temperatures plunge. In fact, sealant materials used in colder months are often more weather-resistant and durable than those applied in summer’s heat. Modern sealants make installation in temperatures well below 0°F not only possible but reliable. Of course, common sense dictates you want to avoid opening up your house when it’s that cold.

Professional window installers and high quality window manufacturers have thought out all the potential pros and cons. They’re ready to do the job when you’re ready to make a change.

Prep Now For A Winter Window Replacement

If this is your first season in your Madison area home, you might want to wait to evaluate how existing windows perform in the cold temperatures and blustery winds of winter. Nothing exposes weaknesses more dramatically than a mid-winter storm or cold snap. You’ll recognize air leaks and drafts soon enough, with time to decide if winter window replacement is the best option.

Once you’ve decided on replacement windows consider the challenges of the job in winter and the steps you can take to make it easier:

  • Keeping heat inside the house – everyone dreads the idea of creating a large opening in an outside wall when it’s extremely cold. Installation crews understand and minimize the impact on overall inside warmth by doing the job one window at a time. They often seal off a room with temporary walls, too.
  • Double-teaming installation – with members of the installation team inside and outside the process goes smoothly and there’s less in/out traffic opening doors, tracking in snow, etc.
  • Pre-installation prep – a large portion of pre-installation preparation is done to each window before it arrives at your home so when the time comes it goes in quickly. Your home is open to the elements for the least amount of time.

Your Role In New Window Installation

Coordination between homeowner and installation crew is vital to a successful result. Never is solid cooperation more important than in winter. Steps to make sure the process goes smoothly include:

Winter window replacement is a timely move to separate outside and inside living.
  • Planning with the installation contractor so you understand the step-by-step process and know what’s expected of you. Knowing what to expect eliminates any “surprises” on both sides.
  • Knowing your home will be opened to the elements, taking steps to close of individual rooms as windows are installed keeps the rest of the house warmer. This step might be as easy as closing doors. Or temporary walls can be set up around large windows in large, open spaces.
  • Be alert to the weather – if your new windows are slated to go in in a couple of days and the Madison area gets 6-inches of snow, take steps to move snow away from the house. Easy access to the outer side of the windows makes installation faster and more efficient. Whatever you can do to prevent “headaches” is worth the effort, right?

No matter what season it is, window replacement is a step-by-step event. For each window the process moves forward in a specific sequence including:

  • Pre-installation prep of the new windows and the site
  • Taking out the old window
  • Cleaning, repairing and upgrading the opening for the new window
  • Brining in the new window
  • Checking and double-checking all aspects of the installation from seals to flashing.
  • Replacing interior and exterior trim, siding, etc.
  • Final cleanup inside and out.

Experienced and certified replacement window contractors like Sims Exteriors & Remodeling go a step further: They guarantee their workmanship. Beyond the excellent manufacturer’s warranties, the Sims organization guarantees the work it does in your home.

Benefits Of New Windows In Winter

Improving energy efficiency is the No. 1 goal of most window replacements. There are two additional advantages of installing new windows in winter:

  1. Better availability – scared off by cold weather, fewer people commit to a major new window project in the winter. That means contractors have more available dates on their schedules. Manufacturers have fewer demands, too, so you get the windows you need without delays.
  2. Good deals – manufacturers and contractors want to keep their employees working all year around so you’re more likely to get better pricing during the “off season.”

There are many factors that go into the No. 1 goal – energy efficiency. Proper, professional installation heads the list. Even the very best, most energy-efficient window doesn’t perform when installed poorly. With that in mind, consider these additional factors contributing to making your home more energy-efficient:

  • High-tech glass – the panes in each window design play a major role. Dual pane windows insulate twice as well as single panes. Triple-pane designs maximize efficiency. Inert gas like argon sealed between panes adds insulation. It also reduces the transfer of heat from sunlight. There are also laminated, tempered and tinted options.
  • Basic insulation – sealants and surrounding insulation blocks air filtration and moisture from penetrating. They keep out water and air leaks.
  • Location – selecting the best high-tech (Low-E) glass for individual windows makes sense. Not all your new windows face the same direction. Those exposed to hot afternoon sun need a different treatment than those facing north. Different levels of thermal protection and insulation provide different levels of efficiency. Make the right choice to:
    • Reflect summer heat and maximize interior cooling
    • Reflect winter cold and retain interior heating
    • Block harmful UV rays from the sun to reduce fading of fabrics, furniture and floors

Don’t Delay Winter Window Replacement

With planning, attention to detail and coordination with a top-flight replacement window contractor like Sims Exteriors & Remodeling you never need to put off a project to benefit your family. No matter what time of year you can take advantage of all the benefits of high-tech windows. If you’re considering new windows for your Madison area home, get a copy of the Sims’ Window Buyer’s Guide.

Sims provide a wide range of window choices backed by quality installation. Sims Exteriors & Remodeling has been doing business in the Madison area for decades. Our crews are well-trained and experienced. No company in the area matches our experience. Our supplies have the best warranties in the business. An organization that provides high-quality products and stand behind its workmanship is the kind of company you can trust, right?

When new windows are in your future (or you want them to be) email us or give us a call at 608-825-4500.  Sims Exteriors & Remodeling is a recognized leader for high quality replacement window products.  Contact us for your winter window replacement in the Madison WI area.

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