GAF Shingles Combat Algae And Stains

Roofing technology has stepped up to take on algae stains. Industry-leading GAF shingles feature and exclusive time-release technology. No matter the style of your Madison WI home, algae is ugly. New GAF StainGuard PlusTM shingles are ready fight algae.

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Nothing detracts from a classic roof like this more than the ugly black streaks created by blue-green algae.

Blue-green algae has spread to more than 80% of the United States and southern Wisconsin is in the middle to the major threat zone. Leaving stains as it grows the algae makes perfectly good roofs and the homes they cover look prematurely old.

Algae on your roof is a form of bacteria existing as a series of tiny plants. It grows and prospers in highly moisture conditions. The extremely wet summers of this year and last year are idea for algae growth. The species on the roof is also air-borne, so it migrates from roof to roof with high winds. It grows a dark outer layer to protect it from solar heat and UV rays. It’s the same material causing the black stains on your roof. Algae doesn’t threaten your roof’s performance. It is just ugly.

GAF Shingles Feature Break Through Technology

Traditional approaches to getting rid of roof algae include washing shingles with a diluted bleach formula or specialized chemical solutions. Or, sometimes a power washer is used on the roof – which easily damages shingles. Some vendors have suggested fastening strips of zinc on the roof ridge where the element gradually releases onto the roof and trickles from the top down when it rains.

None of these has proven effective. Bleach washing from the roof damages landscape plants. Power washers strip off protective layers of shingles as well as algae. The zinc in strips runs out quickly and can also damage plants.

GAF Shingles | Madison WI | Sims Exteriors and Remodeling
Sims Exteriors and Remodeling – Madison WI – 608-825-4500 – featuring GAF shingles to treat algae and roof stains in the Madison WI area.

There have been shingles sold as “algae-resistant” for decades. They feature granules of copper that should release onto the roof when it is wet. Unfortunately, as these shingles age the granules lose their potency. Releasing less and less copper, the shingles are less algae-resistant. The copper in these old-style shingles is gone by the time the roof is halfway through its service life.

Unlike layered technology, StainGuard Plus™ incorporates specially engineered capsules infused throughout with thousands of copper microsites. Hardworking copper remains within reach, ready for timely activation to take on blue-green algae stains. Once installed these shingles eliminate the risk of ugly algae stains. In addition, these high-tech shingles carry a 25-year limited warranty as part of GAF’s overall protection plan.

Combine High-tech Advances

When you’re planning to upgrade your roof, combining all the latest advances is a wise investment. For an ultra-high definition wood shake look, GAF Timberline shingles combine the latest in engineering advances with stain-fighting chemistry.

The Ultra HD® shingles are thicker than standard architectural shingles for a true wood shake look. They also include proprietary color blends for exciting shadow effects. Exclusive adhesive seals each shingle tightly. Shingles are warranted to withstand winds up to 130 mph.

GAF Timberline shingles have the highest fire rating, as well.

StainGuard Plus technology empowers these high-end shingles with long-lasting algae-fighting power.

Choose A Trusted Roofing Pro

Working with a roofing contractor with decades of experience and access to all the latest technology simplifies your decision-making process.. It takes a seasoned professional to provide the right solution for every challenge. Few companies match the experience and expertise of Sims. Our veteran pros couple industry-leading products with timely service and problem-solving ability.

Do you have a stained roof? Does nasty-looking algae plague you season after season? When you are ready to tap into the latest solution call Sims Exteriors and Remodeling at 608-825-4500 or email us. We have the latest GAF shingles to fight algae and stains on the roof of your Madison WI home.

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