Is It Time to Replace Your Siding?

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Vinyl Siding is a favorite choice among siding contractors in Madison WI because of its low cost, easy installation, variety of looks and durability.

Siding is the exterior look of your home. It creates visual appeal and adds value to your home.

In addition to the obvious cosmetic impact, the function of siding is to protect your home from the elements. It also protects your house from insect infestation, fungus, and other potentially harmful things. These are all topics siding contractors in Madison WI should cover with you in detail when discussing home siding

Today’s materials are more durable and longer lasting than ever. However, because siding is exposed to the elements, there will still come a time when replacement is needed. Ignoring this can allow problems to grow and possibly damage your home. Water and insect damage, left undetected over time can cause thousands in not tens of thousands of dollars of damage.

The unfortunate thing is there is not an accurate timeline for knowing when siding replacement is needed. Such a wide variety of materials exist, the things to watch for depend on the type you have. Siding contractors can help you understand the stage yours is in relative to the aging process. Each has its own particular characteristics. When you understand the characteristics, you will be able to better see if your siding is aging and needs replacement.

Vinyl Siding | Madison WI | Sims Exteriors and Remodeling
Vinyl siding can change the look of your home dramatically with new colors and accents installed quickly by a skilled siding contractor in Madison WI

Vinyl Siding Characteristics

Vinyl siding has become very popular in recent years because of its relatively low cost and wide array of color choices. And, the varied designs can give vinyl siding the look and feel of another material altogether such as wood siding. All vinyl siding choices are extremely low in maintenance. There is no painting at all. However, vinyl siding is susceptible to weather changes. Extremely cold weather can make vinyl siding brittle enough to crack from an impact or a heavy object. Poor installation can also contribute to vinyl siding cracking. So selecting the best vinyl siding contractor in Madison WI may boil down to skilled installers and a guarantee of workmanship. These situations can be compounded if the vinyl siding is installed over existing siding. It is a common practice for vinyl siding to be installed over an existing siding in Madison WI. It is an important issue because it increases the risk of a poor installation which can be affected by weather conditions. The good news is damaged vinyl siding which has to be replaced is easy to do. Plus, the cost of new vinyl siding is less than the repair expense.

LP Smartside Siding Characteristics

LP Smartside Siding is one of the options with which the Sims Exteriors and Remodeling team has had great luck. Our customers have told us they appreciate a number of qualities about LP Smartside siding including –

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Siding has the one of the better cost recovery ratios of all home improvement projects

• Providing a great wood like look
• It is very impact resistant
• It is moisture resistant
• It can be painted in any color
• LP Smartside Siding carries a 50 year limited warranty
• It also carries a 5 year full warranty
• Style options like vertical panels, shakes, etc.
• Has matching soffit and trim
• Installation ease and accuracy is better because craftsmen can cut with a regular saw and is easier to maneuver on a ladder

LP Smartside Siding is a solid and affordable option for many homeowners. We know whenever we install this siding we are going to have a satisfied customer. This is a great option for most situations.

Wood Clapboard Siding Characteristics

Wood clapboard siding is one of the first materials used in siding and is found in old homes regularly. The beauty of the wood is obvious. However, wood is also susceptible to weather conditions, especially damp conditions. Difficult weather conditions can lead to cracking, chipping and warping, of the wood. They are sure signs siding replacement is required. Monitoring regularly for minute cracks and other types of damage will lead to early indications new siding will be needed. A reliable siding contractor in Madison WI such as Sims Exteriors and Remodeling can provide the guidelines you need to judge the condition of your wood siding. Insect infestation and paint discoloration are additional warning signs replacement is needed.

Aluminum Siding Characteristics

Aluminum siding less susceptible to changes in the weather than wood or vinyl siding. It is long lasting, has multiple color choices as well a wide variety of designs. But, it can be dented. Baseballs, golf balls or other impacts can ruin the visual, especially if the dents are in plain view. The new finishes painted onto aluminum siding give it an esthetically improved look. However, fading from sun exposure is about the same as other materials with painted on colors.

The bottom-line is home siding is a protective shell for your house. Regular maintenance of your siding will minimize the need for premature replacement. It will also help you catch other potential problems before they have an opportunity to harm your home.

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