Modern Vinyl Siding – Improved Features

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There are now more texture and color options than ever when siding a house – be sure to ask you siding contractor for all of the options.

Using modern vinyl siding to improve the protection for and the looks of your home is now easier than ever. No longer do homeowners have to paint and otherwise invest in maintaining the exterior of their homes like they have in years past.

Siding a house is changing forever with the improved features of vinyl siding. Durability, ease of installation, more texture and color options, and even Eco-friendly materials make the new vinyl siding the siding of choice for most homeowners in Madison WI.

Vinyl Siding Durability

Today’s vinyl siding is more durable than ever. Past vinyl siding construction had only one layer of vinyl. To strengthen the siding, additional materials such as asbestos were added. These materials were proven to be unsafe over time. Vinyl siding is now created with a co-extrusion process. With co-extrusion, two layers of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) are applied to the surface. The upper layer is strengthened with material such as titanium dioxide. The result is the outer layer breaks down less over time. In short, it greatly improves vinyl siding durability.

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Baked in pigment slows fading dramatically

A stronger outer finish also increases vinyl siding wind resistance. With increased outer layer strength, vinyl siding can withstand strong winds and impact damage. Be sure to ask the Madison WI siding contractors you meet to about the improvements in vinyl siding.

A side benefit of the new vinyl siding compositions is they have excellent insulation qualities. Vinyl siding with these qualities increase a home’s cooling and heating efficiency, reduce electric, cooling, and heating bills for Madison WI homeowners.

Ease of Application Of Vinyl Siding

New manufacturing processes and lighter weight materials help make vinyl siding easier to install. Previously, vinyl siding was heavier and required a crew to install. The result was longer installation times and more expense. New vinyl siding compositions with lighter weight reduces installation times drastically. Siding a house in Madison WI is quicker than ever with lighter siding.

Another aspect of contemporary vinyl siding is pre-manufactured soffit and corner pieces. In the past, siding was cut to fit corners or around windows and roof. This process took time and was less efficient. Now, corner pieces and roof overhangs are easier install and can be color matched with the vinyl siding the homeowner selected.

Siding Contractors - Madison WI Sims Exteriors and Remodeling - Vinyl Siding
Lighter and stronger materials allow siding contractors to be more time efficient when siding a house

The bottom line when siding a house is that easier installation translates into less cost. And that is with a better more durable product to boot! In the case of Sims Exteriors and Remodeling, Inc., like all professional siding contractors should, we offer a workmanship ensuring your satisfaction is our primary concern.

More Vinyl Siding Options Than Ever

Vinyl siding is now available in a wide variety of textures, styles and colors. Options for vinyl siding include vertical slats, horizontal slats, shingle, overlap siding, as well as countless colors.

In addition to more color options, homeowners are also happy to find color does not fade as quickly as it used to with older vinyl siding. Pigmentation is now baked onto siding surfaces, resulting in scratch resistant, long lasting color that is nearly scratch proof. The reality is no vinyl siding is fade-proof when exposed to ultra violet rays. Even newer vinyl siding will lose some of its luster and color in five or more years.

Vinyl siding styles and color options vary with the manufacturer. Siding contractors in Madison WI will be able to offer you insight on color choices and styles. They will help you work with the manufacturer having the best options for your needs.

Less Chemicals In New Vinyl Siding

In the 1950s, siding a house with vinyl siding was a different proposition. In those days, siding often broke down with heat and extremes of weather. When that breakdown occurred, chemicals were emitted into the environment. Modern vinyl siding is created with a 10% titanium dioxide pigment, providing resistance to ultraviolet light (which caused the natural breakdown) and the extremes of weather.

Vinyl siding is generally sold with a grade representing its UV resistance. The higher the grade, the more resistant the vinyl siding is to fading and weather.

Green and Earth-Friendly Vinyl Siding

In recent years, Vinyl siding has been formulated with polyvinyl chloride (PVC). By adding PVC to vinyl siding, 20 percent less breakdown and emission of carbon dioxide into the environment occurs. Greener vinyl siding offers a popular siding option for homeowners in Madison WI concerned about the environmental impact of their home’s exterior. Because vinyl siding requires very little maintenance, it is a popular choice even compared to other green siding options such as ground up stone, or fiber cement. The drawback to using natural paints and pigments is this type of coating often does not last as long when exposed to the elements (compared to traditional paint coating methods). This is not an issue with vinyl siding.

With continued improvements, vinyl siding offers more options and durability. And, for homeowners looking for easier and greener home exterior options, today’s modern vinyl siding fits the bill!

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