Pricing Practices For Window Replacement Madison WI

Window replacement contractors across the country have to operate in very competitive marketplaces.

Window Replacement - Apple to Apple Comparison - Sims Exteriors - Madison WI
Honest comparison is the best way to get true value in your next window replacement

At Sims Exteriors we have found offering high quality products and services at a fair price has allowed us to grow at a steady pace. This practice has created a great many satisfied customers. We are determined to continue doing just that.

However, we have also been amazed (and concerned) that many homeowners routinely fall prey to window replacement contractors promoting “Special Deals” and “Unique Pricing”, only to be sold a different deal or product when they meet with homeowners. To put it plainly, we are surprised intelligent consumers are taken in by these window replacement contractors that spend more time fooling their customers than just providing great products and service.

We have more respect for homeowners in the Madison area. We know firsthand homeowners who have responded to special promotions only to end up with inflated values on the products they purchased. We know this because we have quoted projects for thousands of dollars less than the “special offers” with higher quality products than our competition. It’s sad to see the faces of homeowners who realize they have been “taken”.

Are Window Replacement Contractors Using illegal “Bait And Switch” Tactics?

Sims Exteriors is a roofing contractor. We are not Lawyers. However, we do have some common sense. A quick look at a couple of definitions of ‘bait and switch advertising’ read as follows –

Merriam Webster’s Definition

Window replacement - Bait and Switch - Sims Exteriors - Madison WI
Many window replacement offers are less than credible. If it sounds too good to be true, that is likely the case

“A sales tactic in which a customer is attracted by the advertisement of a low-priced item but is then encouraged to buy a higher-priced one” (click here)

The Law Dictionary (Featuring Black’s Law Dictionary)

“Luring customers with low prices than selling them higher priced items saying the bargain was sold out. This is illegal. AKA bait pricing.” (click here)

As we said, we are not lawyers. But, it does make us wonder when we simply listen to the ads on radio and TV. We wonder how homeowners can respond to some of the offers we hear. For example –

  • Do consumers really believe they can install new windows in their home for about $1500?
  • Can homeowners actually believe all of the windows purchased for their home will be installed for one dollar?
  • Will windows priced at one third (less than $200) of the going market rate perform as well as other appropriately priced windows?


What really puzzles us is when we have quoted against offers similar to these above, our project estimates are still thousands less.

The question is why do our quotes consistently come in lower than the competition?

The Best Answer For Window Replacement Contractors

The answer is simple – we price our products and services fairly from the beginning. We do not over price our products only to provide false promotions that have little or no real value to customers. We also feel it’s reprehensible for roofing contractors to use promotions so similar to unlawful ‘bait and switch’ tactics that we cannot easily tell the difference.

We have even had our customers tell us a sales person for competitive roofing contractors actually told them they would not put the advertised windows ‘in his dog house’.

To help deal with comparing offers, Sims Exteriors has created an “Apples To Apples” comparison guide to help consumers effectively compare roofing contractors, their quotes and their work practices. We are committed to helping you find the roofer for your needs. Call or email us for your Apples To Apples” comparison guide

Cost Vs Value Guide – 2013 Report