When To Replace Roofing – Just Take A Look

A good roof, depending on type of shingles and the craftsmanship, can last from twenty to forty years.

But that doesn’t mean a homeowner will want to ignore their roof for the first twenty years. Environmental issues can affect the performance and longevity of any roof. Weather issues such as hail, heavy winters with ‘melt & freeze’ cycles, larger trees surrounding your home or unknown issues with the manufacturer of your shingles can all play a role in diminishing shingle function or shortening shingle life.

Homeowners should try to be aware of any problems with their roofs before leaks, or pests, can harm their home. Roofs are designed to protect the integrity of your home from the elements and as a result, is one of the things protecting your investment. If any of the following occur, have your roof inspected immediately because chances are there will be some issues with the integrity of your roof.

Staying Aware: Symptoms of Roofing Problems

  • High heating and high cooling costs—issues with integrity, insulation or both
  • Ice damming—usually the result of poor insulation
  • Staining on your interior ceiling and/or walls—those stains are most likely a result of a roof problem
  • Musty smells—dampness is coming from somewhere and should not be left unattended
  • Carpenter ants—if any pests are in your home, the roof should always be checked
  • Previous unfixed hail damage— damaged shingles will result in problems
  • Damaged flashing— damaged flashing allows the seepage of water into your home causing mold and mildew, stained ceilings and walls, rotting wood, electrical shorts and other very destructive outcomes
  • Damaged gutters and/or downspouts—improper flow can contribute to wet basements, foundation damage and ice dams in winter

Why It’s Important to Pay Attention To Your Roofing

Since your roof is the first line of defense against the elements, and there are plenty of those in Wisconsin, being aware of your roof’s condition is important for protecting your home and its value.

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