Replacement Windows Contractor Comparison in Madison WI

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The quality of the installation of your replacement windows will be the deciding factor in the windows performance

Selecting a replacement windows contractor in Madison WI can be a difficult task.

Window replacement in a home is a big project and can have a healthy price tag as well. Selecting the best contractor for purchasing, and more importantly installing your replacement windows is a very important decision.

Many factors come into play with window replacement in Madison. There are a number of contractors that can confuse the issue with “special offers” which are usually not that special.

When you are purchasing windows, keep in mind all premium replacement windows perform very similarly. The structure, insulation and glass coatings will produce similar results. The difference is almost always the quality of the installation and the window replacement contractor doing the work.

Price is a significant factor. Large price differentials for premium replacement windows are usually the result of inflated margin or labor costs. Premium replacement windows will deliver the best results when installed by a contractor offering a honest price, quality installation and great follow-up.

The list of comparison points below will help you evaluate the contractors you are considering for your replacement windows project in Madison WI. By reviewing this list – or downloading the comparison form – you will be able to compare window contractor bids on an apples to apples basis.

We want you to feel good about the significant decision you are making and to proceed with your replacement windows project with no concerns.

Using a contractor comparison such as this is the best way to get the replacement windows value you deserve.

Compare Replacement Windows Companies

Total Price / Quote

Compared to what – Be sure your replacement windows bid includes line by line specifications for product and professional service.

Business Philosophy

Have the contractors you are considering structured their business to minimize overhead and eliminate unneeded cost – such as elaborate showrooms, a commission based sale force and obviously* false promotions?    (* includes free labor, entire homes windows done for $1,495, etc.)

Price Guarantee

No unexpected price changes work best for your budget. If a contractor cannot guarantee a price – look out. At Sims Exteriors and Remodeling we stick to the price quoted with no exceptions. If a contractor provides only an estimate or price range, beware. The only reasonable increases in price is if there is unseen structural damage needing repair before the quoted work can be done or project change offers.

Integrity Promise

Be sure prices, installs and supports all work done with no gimmicks and no surprises. Unique or special pricing often translates into we are hiding something. At Sims, our experience is our regular pricing beats the all the “special” pricing we have bid against. We pride ourselves on fair pricing that is not inflated.

Gimmick Alerts

Promotions vary in “real” value. Ask your replacement windows contractor to present the best value with the first quote. Many other contractors have promotions designed to get consumer response, and then switch to an up-sell opportunity. If a contractor can come back with a lower replacement windows price after the first bid, it may mean they are just taking a little less advantage of you.

Workmanship Guarantee

Workmanship is different than a product the manufacturer warranties. It covers labor required to make the needed repair. We offer a full ten year workmanship warranty on replacement windows installation.

Payment of Subcontractors

Ask how the contractor pays their subcontractors. If their process raises any questions, be aware subcontractors can file contractor liens against your home in the future. Don’t get stuck paying for the same work twice.

Trained & Certified

The more training and education the installers have, the more likely your project will be all you hope for. Be sure the crews working on your home are completely certified. Our craftsmen have long-term relationships with us. All are factory trained and certified.

Quality Control

Be sure to ask contractors who will be managing your window replacement project. An experienced manager is needed for a good outcome. All of our project managers are craftsmen in their own right. The bottom line is, from quote to project completion; your project is overseen by a skilled craftsman with Sims.

Permits Pulled

The person/company pulling permits is responsible for personal injuries related to work sites. Be sure your contractor will be pulling all of the permits needed. If you pull them, you will be responsible for all injuries occurring with your project. SIMS pulls all related permits to help maintain production timelines and to protect homeowners from liability issues. This can be very important because many times replacement windows are in tough to reach, dangerous locations.

Project Continuity

Be sure once your contractor starts a project they are there to completion. Often contractors split time between multiple projects. When we are on-site, we are there until the replacement windows project is completed. Your replacement windows project will always be done beginning to end on consecutive days with no breaks in activity.

Project Comparison

Use our quote as the standard to judge the value of other quotes you received. Be sure you have the costs of all products and services documented – the replacement windows are only part of the quote. We list each activity, fixture and quality control check so you can see the entire process. Odds are you will be pleasantly surprised

Seeing Clearly Is Important With Window Replacement

Selecting the best replacement windows contractor in Madison WI requires a good understanding of the contractors from which you will be choosing.

The Sims Exteriors & Remodeling staff are not only window replacement experts, but are specialists in all remodeling challenges including roofing, siding, ventilation, adding additions, bathroom remodeling, kitchen remodeling, basements remodeling, sun tunnels, deck additions and more,

We are window replacement specialists serving the Madison WI area including Middleton, Waunakee, Fitchburg, Oregon Verona, McFarland, Stoughton, Cottage Grove, Sun Prairie, Deforest and all of Dane County.

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