Roof Replacement Clues in Madison WI

Roof-Replacement-Repair-Clues To Prevent water danage | Sims Exteriors-Madison WI
Don’t wait for the clue to get obvious. By this time water is leaking in and ruining your home. Call a contractor soon.

Unless there is a catastrophic roof failure, most Madison WI homeowners don’t really know how to assess whether they should start planning for a replacement. Because Madison’s climate throws extreme variables at your home, including snow, ice, hail, freezing temperatures, rain and blistering heat, many roofs will begin ”hinting” at the need for replacement by showing some signs/symptoms.

The key is spotting damage and assessing whether water or pest can get into your home. Replacement or repair before water leaks can cause  damage is critical.


 Roof Replacement Clues

Algae growth (streaking)— tree pollen gathering in shaded areas under trees getting little sunlight can result mildew

Buckling—if underlayment was improperly installed or if there is movement of the deck

Blistering—attics that are inadequately insulated and/or ventilated can cause moisture damage

Roof Replacement-Roof repair-Clues | Sims Exteriors - Madison WI
Preventing water leaks on your roof requires looking for clues before the leaks can start.

Missing shingles—will expose roof to water damage and rot, making nearby shingles susceptible to being blown off

Curling—old shingles curl, split, and lose their waterproofing qualities

Missing granules— age and possible hail damage causes granules to release

Rotting— age, missing, or damaged shingles allows moisture absorption and water damage

Sagging areas—these areas are often signs of warping, rotting, or broken wood

Torn shingles—will expose roof to water damage and rot, making nearby shingles susceptible to being blown off.

If you see any of these clues, a reputable roofing contractor in the Madison WI area should be able to inspect you roof and identify if/when you may need a roof replacement.

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