Schedule Roof Repair and Window Replacements After Fall Inspections

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Correct small issues before winter comes

Winter’s extremes are guaranteed to stress roofs and windows in Madison WI. Before the weather gets worse, an autumn inspection will highlight the need of roof repair and window replacements. Reliable shingles and weather-tight windows protect your home from the elements and put a dent in your annual energy bills, too.

Timely Inspection Saves Money, Staves Off Roof Repair

A timely inspection saves money by spotting potential problems and allowing time for roof repair before the climate makes things worse. Attention to small items now save money and extend the life of your roof.

The roof of any building represents a huge investment. Keeping it in pristine condition protects that investment. Discovering small leaks or problems with joints of shingles may mean a simple roof repair now – avoiding a bigger, more costly one later.

Benefits of an autumn roof inspection include:

  • Pinpointing spots that are weathering more than others – potential weak spts
  • Discover damage from a previous storm – from hail, wind or blown debris
  • Evaluate the need for a good cleaning and/or debris removal
  • Discover drainage problems – revealing stains, water ponding, etc.

If the inspection reveals the roof to be in good condition, cleaning and debris removal may be the only follow-up required. But even the slightest leak should be repaired before the freeze-thaw cycle of a Madison WI winter makes it worse. Roofing professionals are more likely to be ready for a timely roof repair this time of year, too. Problems caused by winter weather create great demand for roofing professionals in the spring.

Schedule Window Replacements Before Winter, Too

Roof Repair | Window Replacements | Madison WI | Sims Exteriors and Remodeling
Don’t let little things become big things – spotting loose shingles or cracked window frames with an autumn inspection can save time and money with timely window replacements and roof repair.

Before they’re covered in frost, give your windows a thorough inspection – inside and out – in the autumn, too. Before you start seeing your winter heating bills, check windows for air leaks and other issues – wet spots where rain didn’t drain

properly, cracks and missing caulk. Any weakness now will cost you money as the season progresses.

You can check your windows on your own before bringing in a window installation specialist for window replacements.

Here’s a plan for your inspection:

  • Checking for air leaks —
    • Pick a windy day to check for air leaks around windows.
    • Close all bathroom, kitchen or utility room vents, exhaust fans.
    • An incense stick works well, but use anything that will provide a fine smoke or dust and slowly pass it along the window sashes and frames – this will quickly show any outside air sneaking in.
    • When severe cracking, wood rot or major gaps in caulking are suspected, wait until after dark, shut off all the room lights and have someone shine the brightest light you can find on the edges where windows meet the walls. If you can see any light from inside you have a serious problem and window replacements are the best answer. If light shows, air-flow is a sure thing.
  • Check the structure —
    • Give the window a shake – if it rattles the frame, or parts of it, is loose. Loose frames allow air to go in and out and can permit rainwater to enter.
    • Is caulk or weather stripping missing, cracked or discolored? Gaps between window frames and the building let in the elements. When moisture enters, mold grows.
      • NOTE – this is a step for both inside and outside the window – if you see warped, discolored wood or paint around windows it may be a clue to water damage beneath.
    • Check the window locks – windows that don’t meet as they should and seal tight when locked are also adding to your energy bills in summer and winter. If locks don’t fit properly or windows don’t seal you may been window replacements rather than more weather stripping. Locks that don’t work represent a security concern, too.

Schedule Roof Repair or Window Replacements Before Winter

When a fall inspection brings to light the need for roof repair or window replacements, it’s time to bring in a reliable team of professionals. Sims Exteriors & Remodeling serves greater Dane County, including Middleton, Waunakee, Fitchburg, Oregon Verona, McFarland, Stoughton, Cottage Grove, Sun Prairie and Deforest.

Roofing professionals recommend inspecting a roof at least twice a year – fall and spring – so now’s an opportune time. Contact Sims Exteriors and Remodeling at 608-825-4500, or email us for assistance in selecting the best solution to prevent or complete a roof repair project, and plan window replacements for your Madison WI home.