Selecting Roofing Contractors in Madison WI

Selecting Roofing Contractors-Madison WI-Sims Exteriors
Expect to get any two of these three items when selecting a roofing contractor

If you need one in Madison WI, there are plenty of roofing contractors to choose from.

The problem most homeowners have is finding roofing contractors they can trust. After all, most homeowners do not replace roofs often. In some cases maybe only one purchase in a lifetime. Possibly twice, but the purchase date can be twenty years apart. Not a great situation for gaining knowledge and skill at making a decision.

Selecting Roofing Contractors – Setting Your Expectations

A homeowner must first have the right perspective when replacing a roof. There are three constants in any selection process when considering a roofing contractor. They are –

QUALITY – of the crew and work done

SPEED – how quickly the job is completed

PRICE – the amount a homeowner will pay for the services

In practice, a reputable roofing contractor can deliver two from the list on any given project. However, delivering all three is not likely. While everyone would like to get all three of these elements with every project, they are difficult to deliver in the field. If a roofing contractor says they can deliver all three on YOUR project, proceed with caution.  

Why, you ask? Just consider the following questions –

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Resonable expectations coupled with good interview questions will produce the best roofing contractor for your project

If you are promised the highest quality and quickest possible installation, does it make business sense you will also receive the lowest possible price (and maintain the quality and speed). Common sense says that is very difficult to do.

Or, if you are promised a speedy installation at a very low price, do you feel comfortable the highest possible quality will be reached? That is the big question. How would you monitor your roofing contractor in that situation. Are you confident you’ll have no leaks and catastrophic water damage three or four years later?

Or, if you feel someone can provide great quality workmanship and products and a very competitive price, does it make sense you may have to wait your turn in the process. It does make sense because reputable roofing contractors generally have a backlog of people who want to work with them.

We are now saying that all three criteria will never be available for your project. Howeverm our experience has shown us on any given project, any combination of two can work toether to deliver the best outcome.

Selecting Roofing Contractors – Ask The right Questions

Who will you choose to work on your project? That isn’t always an easy question to answer. AND, your choice of a contractor will ultimately determine the success or failure of a project.

Conducting interviews of prospective roofing contractors is an extremely important step. In many cases these individuals and their staff may be at/in your home without your presence. Trust is a major issue and it is important to follow-up on references and credentials Be sure to look for the person you feel has high creditability, will provide the best all-around service available (above and beyond the necessary construction skills).

The following questions will help you identify the qualifications and reputation of various companies and help you find the right professionals for your project.

How long has the contractor been in business?  Longer is generally better

Who supervises your project?  Are you talking to a sales person or a project manager?

When will the project be started?  A reasonable estimate if weather cooperates

What is the contractor’s proposed approach to this project?  Any unique parts of the project?

How is the contractor’s business organized/structured?  Employees or sub-contractors on site?

Is the contractor a full service or specialty firm? Can the roofing contractors you are talking to handle all aspects of your project.

Do the roofing contractors carry workers compensation and liability insurance? Do not be shy to ask – in many states, if the contractor does not have this type of insurance and a worker is injured in your home, you will be liable for medical bills and related costs.

Are employees certified? Trade certifications are good indicators of professionalism and knowledge of the industry.

Ask for a list of references for completed projects similar to yours? How much of your business is repeat or referral business.

How many projects like mine have you completed recently (past 6 months to a year)? If there are few, it could be a red flag.

How will permits be handled? Most municipalities require permits for building projects.

Can I contact your suppliers? Is you contractor current? This can help protect you from mechanics liens for nonpayment by the contractor.

Sims Exteriors will be happy to help you make the best decision for your project. Give us a and we’ll have a project manager come to your home to provide a free estimate. This will be the same person who while manage your project from start to finish.

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