Solar Tube Skylights – The Best Way To Light A Room In Madison Wisconsin

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Solar tube skylights are growing more popular for making interior and north facing rooms brighter

Solar tube skylights represent a great home improvement option for interior and north facing rooms. These rooms generally lack the natural daylight we all enjoy. It used to be homeowners had very limited options.

The questions many people pondered were, do we move to a new home, add a window, or switch on the lights every time we use the room? What many people are discovering is using daylight from the top (the roof) is a great option.

Solar tube skylights are one of the best, most logical home improvement options for people with existing homes in established neighborhoods and condominiums. Solar tube skylights are very affordable and quick and easy to install.

Solar Tube Skylights – Leading The Natural Light Trend

The trend for brighter rooms is on the rise in Madison. In established neighborhoods where older homes have less windows, and homeowners do not want to move or commit to a larger remodeling project, solar tube skylights give even the smallest area an open, clean feeling. The tube design allows the sunlight to be directed to specific areas areas. A 10″ diameter tube funnels in enough light to brighten up a 10 x 10 square foot area, while a 14″ diameter tube brightens up a 14 x 14 square foot area.

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Improved technology for solar tube skylights allow homeowners to reflect, and project, light nearly anywhere in their homes.


Retrofitting Solar Tube Skylights Is A Homeowner Favorite

Solar tube skylights are designed to retro fit homes and generally can be installed within two hours. These units vary in cost, but can be installed for as little as $400.00.

Qualified professionals find them easy to install our best advice to homeowners is not to be penny-wise and pound foolish. Be sure to get a proven solar tube skylights such a VELUX offers, as well as a factory certified installer to do the installation. The potential for damage to your home through leaking water and condensation is nothing to take for granted. After the fact, there is no acceptable recourse when you have costly water damage, roof issues or drywall problems. Be sure to use a certified installer.

Solar tube skylights are less likely to leak than a traditional skylight because of a round one piece flashing. Be sure the flashing for your solar tube skylights are seamless and is made of metal. Also ask for the warranty details if you decide to have a system professionally installed. This can protect you should there be water leaks in the future.

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Solar tube sylights are perfect for a variety of rooms, including, bathrooms, mudrooms, kitchens, hallways, closets, kitchens and living rooms.

Solar tube skylights are continually being improved. For example, with some brands, there light kits available so you can turn your solar  on at night. Some offer an exhaust fan option as well as a daylight dimming mechanism. These options allow the solar tube skylights to be used in a variety of rooms, including, bathrooms, mudrooms, kitchens, hallways, closets, kitchens and living rooms.

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