Chad Normington

Project Manager
Meet Chad Normington, the construction pro with over 20 years of experience, turning Sims Exteriors and Remodeling projects into success stories. He's not your typical project manager—Chad brings a genuine, personable touch to the job.

In his two decades in the industry, Chad has mastered the art of precise and efficient project management. In addition to his construction expertise, Chad possesses specialized knowledge in refrigeration, adding a unique dimension to his role at Sims.

Beyond the construction site, Chad is a family man at heart, valuing work-life balance. Married with two kids, he knows that success extends beyond projects. And when he's not managing timelines, you'll find Chad at the hockey rink, passionately engaging in the sport he loves.

Chad Normington isn't just a project manager; he's your friendly, down-to-earth guide to construction success, building connections along the way.