Winterizing a Home in Madison WI

Sims Exteriors-Winterizing A Home
Sealing air leaks at doors, and windows will help keep you warmer and save you money

Winterizing a home to prepare for the upcoming Madison Wisconsin winter is easier than most think. To help lower your heating bills and enjoy a comfortable winter season, there are just a few basic steps to follow in winterizing a home.

Winterizing A Home – 4 Basic Steps

  • Reinforce Your Insulation. Most of the heat your furnace generates will go through your attic if it’s not properly insulated. A good rule of thumb is if you have no idea whether you have sufficient insulation, you probably do not. Have a qualified contractor such as Sims Exteriors check it for you. The money you invest adding insulation could cut your heating bill by as much as twenty percent.

  • Seal Your Walls. Oftentimes homeowners are letting cold air into their homes through their walls without realizing it. By inspecting the outside of your home for small cracks and sealing them you can cut down on cold drafts and large heating bills. An Exteriors contractor like Sims Exteriors and locate a treat any cracks or poorly sealed windows and doors to help keep you home cozy.
  • Winterizing Doors & Windows. Do you feel a cold draft every time you go near your windows? Do your curtains billow in winter when the doors and windows are firmly shut? If so you definitely need winterizing of your doors and windows. A simple fix are inexpensive easy-to-install weather strips to seal up your windows and doors tightly. However, if need assistance installing or want a more permanent fix, contact a competent Exteriors contractor.
  • Tune Up Your Furnace. You may be losing heat (and dollars) from your home with old or faulty equipment. If your furnace has not been checked recently, there is a good bet it is running inefficiently and will heat effectively. Annual tune-ups and/or replacing your furnace will reduce your heating costs. And, in the case of the new, ultra efficient furnaces, they’ll heat your  home more evenly adding to your comfort.

Sims Exteriors are experts in insulation, roofing, siding, windows, doors and how they work together in winterizing a home. It’s never too late to begin saving money on your heating (and cooling) bills.  Because all of the systems (roofs, siding, windows, etc) work together to seal your home from the cold temperatures, usually dealing with one problem is only a piece of the larger issue.

If you need insight or assistance on winterizing a home, call Sims Exteriors at (608) 925-4500 or email and let us know what your concerns are.

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