Wintertime Window Replacement Gets Immediate Benefits

Wintertime Window Replacement | Madison WI | Sims Remodeling
Wintertime Window Replacement | Madison WI | Sims Remodeling
When snow and wind knock on your windows don’t spend your hard-earned dollars to heat the outdoors. Invest in quality windows no matter the time of year.

Scheduling a wintertime window replacement provides a timely solution and energy cost reduction can be reflected almost immediately. With care, you can have high-quality, energy-efficient windows installed 12 months a year. No need to struggle to stay warm or pay rising heating bills in the winter while waiting to install new windows when the Madison WI weather warms up.

An added benefit of replacing windows in the middle of winter is prime scheduling and off-season rates. Many installers are looking for business in their off-season and can schedule your project for their full attention.

Wintertime Window Replacement Prep

While the elements factor into every window installation, there are specific steps to consider in the winter, including:

  • Conserving heat inside the home – installing windows in one room at a time so only one room is exposed to the elements – sealing it with a temporary “zip wall” of plastic.
  • Additional Resources – a common tactic is to use two installation pros per window, one inside and one outside to reduce the need to open and close doors, track in snow or debris.
  • Using drop cloths throughout the home to protect floors and furniture.
  • Prepare windows in advance – do as much pre-installation work off-site ahead of time to minimize the time the window opening is left exposed.
  • Plan for additional cleanup – expect some extra, winter-related dirt to deal with.

The most critical element in a wintertime window replacement is keeping the home safe from outside elements – keeping the opening for the window covered as long as possible.

Know the Signs of Window Stress

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Snow piling up everywhere is a sure sign of Wisconsin in wintertime. High-efficiency windows can be installed any time.

When the snow swirls and the wind howls it’s easier to recognize where windows are failing. You can feel drafts, note heat loss and identify areas advanced aging. These weak spots are costing you money and waiting to change windows is a costly decision. As you plan for a timely window replacement, consider the following:

  • Quick approach, start-to-finish – a wintertime window replacement is done in a sequence from start to finish so the opening is exposed to elements for the shortest possible time. The process includes taking out the old window, cleaning up associated debris, bringing in the new window, securing it in place and final cleanup. Ask your contractor how they approach the process, staffing, etc.
  • Energy-efficient replacements – you’re taking this step to improve your comfort and reduce energy costs so don’t skimp on windows. Go with Energy Star® rated windows with Low-E glass.
  • Guaranteed Workmanship – Experienced, factory-trained installation professionals know how to take on the extra challenges of snow and ice and stand behind their workmanship.
  • Temperature Sensitive – Wintertime window replacement is impacted most by extreme temperatures – but can be completed in wind chills as cold as -20 degrees. Obviously, scheduling window installation during a lull in the worst winter weather is the first choice, there are steps you can take to complete the task almost any time. Take into account the following:
    • Modern vinyl windows are engineered to withstand very cold temperatures but they can be brittle in extreme cold. Because detailed cutting is required to fit smaller pieces, bay and bow windows are not recommended for winter installation.
    • Aluminum-clad windows are often finished after installation so that will wait until warmer temperatures prevail – aluminum is more difficult to work with in extreme cold.
    • Some insulating foams and caulking are only rated for use in specific temperatures – warming a caulk or foam before application is not unusual.
    • Snow is bad for insulation and removing as much as possible from around the work area is vital – homeowners are usually responsible for snow removal.

Wintertime window replacement need not be a problem. Installation is a bit different in January than in July, but the result is the same. Ultimately, concern for mid-winter installation is not based upon outside temperatures, it’s the amount and kind of precipitation forecast for the day. Severe weather can interrupt the installation or complicate truly professional work. Rain, snow or sleet blowing into the opening and gathering between the new window and frame is serious. Working with a contractor with experience all year around and a guarantee you can count on relieves the worry.

Plan Your Wintertime Window Update

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