House Siding – Siding Basics For Madison WI

House siding is one of the most important components protecting your home against the elements including the sun’s ultra violet rays, rain, snow, ice heat, cold and any other climatic challenges delivered throughout the seasons.

There are many siding choices for every Madison homeowner to consider, each having its own unique qualities. Below is a quick reference comparison of a variety of siding types available to homeowners.  We will highlight the following:

Siding advantages
Siding disadvantages
Relative siding cost

Our goal is to provide a very basic overview of siding choices for those planning siding replacement for aged siding or to upgrade/update existing house siding. This general overview applies to commercial applications as well. Be sure to use a reputable siding contractor to get the best final result.

Aluminum Siding 

Advantages – Easy to maintain, durable, will not crack, fireproof, great water barrier, comes in a variety of colors, styles and textures, can be installed over wood siding

Disadvantages – Can dent and fade, noisy

Cost – Low


Vinyl Siding 

Advantages – Easy to maintain, durable, will not rot or flake, great water barrier, variety of colors, textures and styles, easily cleaned, can be installed over wood siding

Disadvantages – Can crack, fade or get dingy over time, not environmentally friendly

Cost – Low


Solid Wood 

Advantages – Can paint or stain a variety of colors, natural look, fairly easy to repair

Disadvantages – May rot, flake warp or split, expensive, high maintenance

Cost – Moderate-High


Composite Wood 

Advantages – Easy and inexpensive to install, low cost alternative to solid wood

Disadvantages – Does not look like real wood but is more natural than vinyl or aluminum

Cost – Moderate



Advantages – Easily cleaned, variety of colors, quick Installation

Disadvantages – Not as durable

Cost – High



Advantages – Durable, natural look

Disadvantages – Expensive, difficult to install, may crack

Cost – High


Fiber Cement 

Advantages – Extremely durable, fire and termite proof, can have appearance of wood, stucco or masonry at a lower cost, low maintenance, easy installation

Disadvantages – Heavy product, requires moisture barrier under siding to ensure waterproof qualities

Cost – Moderate / High



Advantages – Durable, long lifespan, classic look

Disadvantages – Expensive

Cost – High


Seamless Steel

Advantages – Very strong, resist shrinking and bulging when temperatures change, low maintenance

Disadvantages – Difficult to repair, can dent and rust

Cost – Moderate


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