Siding Choices Accent The Modern Farmhouse Exterior

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Board and batten siding in a modern color and natural stone accents the pitched roof lines and large windows of this urban farmhouse.

Creating a “modern farmhouse” is among the hottest trends in home design. Siding and trim are crucial to a farmhouse exterior that complements interior choices. While farmhouse design inside your home is easy to define, it isn’t clear cut on the outside. The term modern farmhouse is applied to Craftsman, Cottage and Early American architecture. Common styles you’ll see throughout Madison WI.

In a recent national survey Builder magazine pointed to the modern farmhouse as one of the top 5 trends for floor plans. That popularity carries over to the exterior, too.

One of the most recognized features of the farmhouse look is basic, clean lines and simple design. And, while white continues to be the most popular choice for siding to fit the farmhouse mold, bold colors appear more often. Colors ranging from pale pastels to bold red and brown. The choice of colors doesn’t define the style.

Why all white? Two reasons based on farmhouse history. First, it is clean and simple. Textures add interest. Second, when land was opening up and farms were being established white paint (whitewash) was almost all there was. Keeping with tradition, the house was white and the barn red. Today, especially for an urban farmhouse, anything goes. On the outside, modern farmhouse designs come in almost every color from white to gray, dark blue, red and even black.

Common siding styles like board and batten and lap siding are the rule. Their highly-textured finishes allow light to play on the walls creating contrast and interest.

Farmhouse Exterior Siding Options

Farmhouse Exterior | Madison WI | Sims Exteriors & Remodeling
Clean, smooth lines are hallmarks of the modern farmhouse. While white remains a popular siding color, your imagination chooses the palette and anything goes.

When planning to recreate a farmhouse look in your home you have dozens of siding options. There are siding choices in all materials that enhance this design. The two main styles are:

  • Lap siding – a basic, common look also called clapboard or horizontal siding. It is the most popular vinyl, wood or fiber cement style. It features long, straight planks applied so the overlap one on the next. In all the siding materials, lap siding is available in a wide range of colors as well as wood-grain textures.
  • Board and batten – this familiar style is created by placing vertical siding panels (boards) with narrow strips overlaying the seams – the battens. Many traditional buildings call for this style. It also comes in most popular materials including natural wood, engineered wood and vinyl siding.

Is one style more “country” than another? Again the answer is in the eye of the beholder. No matter your choice, if you like it is right.

The popularity of rustic, country, cottage, farmhouse styles (you pick the name you prefer) has encouraged the siding industry to keep pace with increasing demand. Today there are custom colors, sizes and finishes available to fill your order in just about every material choice. Because of its easy maintenance vinyl siding is the top choice. Siding with added foam insulation is a top choice in the Madison area.

Define Your Country Style

“Warm, crisp and refined.” That’s how one nationally-recognized designer defines the farmhouse style. A blend of comfort and simplicity is another definition. When applied to the exterior it projects an inviting atmosphere – a “welcome home” feeling. That’s why the modern farmhouse look is so sought after.

Maybe the most appealing feature is the ability to have rustic charm without giving up any 21st century amenities. Consider these popular features of a modern farmhouse:

  • Mixing board and batten and clapboard vinyl siding
  • Using reclaimed wood accent beams
  • Wide frame windows – often with black trim
  • Metallic, industrial-style exterior light fixtures and accents
  • Expanded natural light through doors and window

The country-style choice equals “rustic-chic.”

Creating a farmhouse that fits your urban or suburban lifestyle isn’t hard. There are plenty of sources of inspiration. It is almost impossible to watch a design/remodeling program or video that doesn’t include mention of farmhouse design. In addition there are dozens of magazines and social media resources. Photos of modern farmhouse styles are plentiful.

Ensure Farmhouse Exterior Success

Homeowners understand the need for high-quality siding to complete their project. Unfortunately many do not grasp the importance of proper installation. Installation is critical. Even the best, state-of-the-art products can fail when installed poorly. Amateur installation may also void manufacturer’s warranties. When you’re making a statement in the community with a modern farmhouse look, attention to details outside are just as vital as décor choices inside.

Few companies match the experience and expertise of Sims. We combine craftsmanship and years of experience with industry-leading products. When it’s time to complete your farmhouse makeover call Sims Exteriors & Remodeling at 608-825-4500 or email us. We have the latest siding products to provide the perfect farmhouse exterior to complement your interior design in Madison WI.

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