Insulated Vinyl Siding May Be Worth Considering In Madison WI

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Vinyl Sising | Insulated Vinyl Siding | Madison WI | Sims Exteriors and Remodeling
Insulated vinyl siding is a great addition to pre 1980’s homes but have less impact on newer homes with better materials and building techniques

Vinyl siding is a durable and affordable way to improve the aesthetics of a home and its function. With fluctuating energy costs and our reliable Madison WI winters, insulated vinyl siding is an extra layer of insulation for your home. Below are a few significant factors to consider when deciding whether insulated foam backed vinyl siding is a good choice for your home.

Foam backed insulated vinyl siding comes in two forms –

  • The first (depending on manufacturer) is fused onto the vinyl siding panel
  • The second form – is the foam backing is conformed to the panel

Either system is functional and will perform well. It is really a matter of how the manufacturer can most efficiently produce the insulated vinyl siding. Another benefit to installing insulated vinyl siding in Madison WI is in addition to being a great insulator it also is muffles outdoor noise. This is a great quality if you live in a high traffic area. Other benefits of include –

  • Increased resistance to cracks and impacts
  • Improved home insulation an ranging from an R-value of between R-3 and R-5 (depending on manufacturer)
  • Reduces imperfections or waves in your exterior walls
  • Improves the comfort level in older homes – especially in colder climates such as Madison WI.

Is Insulated Vinyl Siding Worth It In Madison WI

The answer is… it depends. If your home was built post 1980’s, the insulation combined with building methods will generally mean your home is well insulated. Because most states adopted improved construction standards that are enforced through state codes, home insulation improved dramatically (better insulated exterior walls, framing, ventilation, etc.) Newer homes will have limited benefit from insulated vinyl siding.

However, older homes, will benefit from insulated vinyl siding. Home’s built pre 1980’s will benefit. Home’s built in the early 1900’s, when homes were built using horse-hair plaster and balloon framing will really benefit from insulated vinyl siding. Lower energy costs will be the result in the very old homes as well as some aesthetic benefits in that imperfections on the exterior walls will be covered.

The Investment For Insulated Vinyl Siding

Manufacturers have various pricing structures for insulated vinyl siding, but in general it will cost about 20-30% more than standard vinyl siding to be installed by a qualified siding contractor.

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