Siding Installation Requires Skill In Madison WI

Poor siding - water leaks - discolored vinyl Flooring-Madison WI- Sims Exteriors
Poor Siding Installation can lead to water leaks that show themselves as discolored vinyl flooring

Siding protects your home against the elements. Protection of your home is siding’s primary function. Siding, if installed properly, protects your home as completely as possible from moisture and pests.   

For siding to protect your home property, more than the siding has to be in place. Under your siding should be Tyvek wrap/covering. If it isn’t installed over wood in exterior walls, it makes them susceptible to water, which can cause rotting, leaking and large amounts of property damage.

The next most important function of siding is to set your home apart, giving it curb appeal. However, if it allows moisture to ravage your home, looking good doesn’t do you much good.

Siding – Damage Caused With Improper Installation in Madison WI

Routinely, in homes Tyvek wrap/covering was not done prior to siding being installed, repairs needed can be rebuilding of walls and repairing all associated water damage. Often times, inadequate preparation for home siding is discovered when a window replacement is started. A homeowner often discovers (at this time) their home was not wrapped correctly before siding was installed. Depending on the age of the home, an entire wall may have to be replaced before a window can be installed. The new wall will require siding.

Siding Leaks-Wall water damage-Sims Exteriors-Madison WI
Paint bubbles are often the result of leaks caused by improperly installed siding

Every rain storm or winter snow fall you experienced can contribute some moisture to the breakdown of a wall. Oriented Strand Board (OSB) commonly used for building walls, is like a sponge. Your siding will deflect the majority of the moisture Madison, Wisconsin elements dish out. But some will get through and your walls will soak it up. Usually, until a homeowner has repair work done or sees signs of damage, degradation will quietly continue.

Water Damage Warning Signs from Improper Siding Installation 


Water and moisture can travel almost anywhere when it isn’t managed well. Damaged areas in your home can show themselves in many ways. If your siding is leaking and allowing water and moisture damage, the clues listed below can help you locate areas needing attention. Below are a few examples:

Inside Discoloration – ceilings and walls can often show water damage with stains. They can either still be wet or dry multiple times

Bubbling Plaster – Your plaster will not bubble unless something is coming at it from behind

Wall Paper Bubbles– Similar to plaster bubbling, though it may happen with smaller leaks and not as much moisture

Base Board Cupping– Cupping is a nice way to say warping. If your baseboard is not staying straight, moisture is probably involved

Water wicking up wall-poor siding install-Sims Exteriors-Madison WI
Wicking of water from the floor up can be the result of poorly installed siding

Casing on Windows Cups/Buckles/Warps – All of these problems are a sign of moisture

Discoloration of vVinyl Floors – Shades of gray or black on your floor show moisture is creeping between the layers of the Vinyl floor. Usually glue is degrading and releasing the plastic layer above from the other layers in the floor

Cracking of Brick or Mortar – brick and mortar are both porous and will absorb moisture. As they go through multiple saturation and drying cycles, however, they break down and essentially crumble.

Isolated Wet Spots on Brick When the Rest of the Wall is Dry – If water is being trapped behind the wall or wicking from an adjacent unwrapped OSB behind the brick wall, the outside of the brick will be dry. However, the isolated wet area indicates water wicking through the brick and the mortar. Your inner wall is degrading behind this wall even when you do not see the wet spot. The wicking occurs only when the area is completely saturated.

Sims Exteriors and Sims Remodeling are experts at siding installation and remodeling. We also excel at repairing water damaged portions of your home. If you have any questions or concerns about siding problems or potential water leaks in your home, call us (608) 825-4500 or email and we’ll glad to help.