Siding Replacement Choices Add Curb Appeal – Protection

Siding Options | Madison WI | Sims Exteriors and Remodeling
Siding Options | Madison WI | Sims Exteriors and Remodeling
Today’s siding options include more colors, shapes and textures than ever before. Siding replacement can create a new home on the block.

“Curb appeal” is the goal of homeowners and nothing boosts that image faster than siding replacement. Changing a home’s siding not only increases its attraction to passersby, it increases its energy efficiency and overall value. There are many siding options available in Madison WI and the surrounding area.

Siding protects a home from all the harshest elements and in doing so often takes a beating. Finding a siding replacement is a common challenge, especially after decades of exposure to sun, wind, rain, snow and ice.

There are several siding options seen most often in Madison WI, each with its own advantages. Some perform better in the Wisconsin climate than others while some offer more variety in architectural style, color and resale value.

In its Remodeling Impact Report, the National Association of Realtors found that vinyl siding replacement choices recover more than 75% of the original cost when a property is sold.

Compare Siding Replacement Options

Siding Replacement | Madison WI | Sims Exteriors and Remodeling
Today’s siding options include more colors, shapes and textures than ever before. Siding replacement can create a new home on the block.

Vinyl siding is the most popular of the siding options across the country. Consider it and other common siding choices:

Vinyl Siding — Tough, durable and readily available in many styles and colors. Color permeates the material and won’t reveal nicks and scratches. Modern standards ensure vinyl siding maintains its shape in extreme temperatures, provides resistance to high winds, retains its color and meets or exceeds manufacturer claims. Labeling should indicate if it conforms to the American Society for Testing and Materials standard ASTM D3679. Consider these benefits:

  • Light weight for easy, rapid installation
  • Can be retrofit over existing siding
  • Requires little maintenance
  • Most top brands have extensive warranties
  • Vinyl has a long replacement cycle – 30-50 years without damage

There are also drawbacks to vinyl siding replacement products:

  • Seams normally show at the ends of standard length pieces – extra-long pieces are available at additional costs
  • The chemical makeup of vinyl includes polyvinyl chloride (PVC) which doesn’t degrade in a landfill

While vinyl is the top-selling siding replacement choice, there are other siding options to consider:

Aluminum Siding — Once extremely popular, aluminum siding has given way to vinyl. Is offers advantages:

  • Easy to maintain
  • Durable – won’t crack or blister
  • Fireproof
  • Excellent water barrier
  • Insect-resistant
  • Available in many colors, textures and styles
  • Can be installed directly over wood siding
  • Modern aluminum siding contains as much as 30% recycled material


  • May not be readily available
  • While modern models are mostly dent-proof, dents are permanent if they do occur
  • Paint colors tend to fade

Solid Wood Siding — Wood siding comes in many species and grades and can be finished in a variety of ways. Advantages include:

  • Accepts paints and stains in almost any color
  • Fairly easy to repair, replace smaller sections
  • Superior aesthetic appeal
  • Plays to the trend in retro homes and restoring older home


  • Subject to rot, mildew and mold
  • Can flake, warp and split
  • Requires repainting every 5 years or so and a re-staining about every 3 years
  • Using wood as a siding replacement means removing all older materials
  • The highest purchase, installation and maintenance costs of all the siding options

Fiber Cement Siding — Also called composite siding, fiber cement siding is formed by a mixture of wood fibers, Portland cement, clay and sand. It is gaining popularity in part because of these advantages:

  • Rugged, durable and weather resistant
  • Can be molded to resemble wood, stucco or masonry
  • Termite proof
  • Fire-resistant
  • Doesn’t rot
  • Extended warranties on most brands
  • Prefinished versions eliminate need to paint after installation
  • Accepts paint readily for color changes
  • In some areas of the country fiber cement siding is considered masonry and qualifies for lower insurance rates


  • Individual pieces are very heavy
  • Installation requires special tools, techniques and training
  • As siding replacement prior siding must be completely removed
  • Installation isn’t as fast as with most other siding options
  • Requires a moisture barrier be installed underneath the siding to ensure its waterproof

Signs It Is Time For New Siding

If you’re not sure it’s time to reside your home, here are signs to look for that can reinforce your decision:

  • Bubbles or blisters – vinyl siding exposed to extreme temperatures and excess moisture changes shape.
  • Obvious damage – hail is the No. 1 enemy of every siding product. Cracks, dents and chips in siding open it to more natural elements and additional damage. Siding that’s cracked or loose need to be replaced.
  • Wildlife threats – squirrels and woodpeckers are among the critters that like wooden siding and trim. If they are becoming a pest, consider low maintenance, non-wood options.
  • A new addition – if you’ve added to the outside walls via a remodel matching existing siding may be a concern.
  • Tired of the color – if the color of your siding is out of date or you’re just tired of it, it’s time to change.
  • Energy cost concerns – a home’s siding is the first line of defense against extreme heat and cold. New products provide better insulation reducing heating and cooling costs.
  • Discolored siding – over time siding loses its luster and fades. Faded siding reflects weakened material that is approaching the end of its lifespan.

Call Upon A Professional

When it’s time for siding replacement, it’s time to work with the professionals at Sims Exteriors & Remodeling. Call the team serving greater Dane County, including Middleton, Waunakee, Fitchburg, Oregon Verona, McFarland, Stoughton, Cottage Grove, Sun Prairie and Deforest.

Improper siding installation reduces the value and benefit of every siding choice. Contact Sims Exteriors and Remodeling at 608-825-4500, or email us to schedule a complete evaluation of the siding options and plan a siding replacement project for your Madison WI home.