Replacement Siding Choices Add Style To Function

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When a departure from the ordinary is what you’re looking for, new siding materials and styles off plenty of choices like this board and batten application.

When you’re choosing a style for replacement siding your options have expanded. Vinyl siding is the most popular choice nation-wide. Anywhere you look in Madison WI you’ll see it on houses of all ages. It is economical, energy-efficient and durable. Homeowners looking for a retro look on an older home or to create a new look have one question: Does it have to be boring straight lines? To that the answer is an emphatic: NO.

In addition to choosing the right material for your new siding today’s choices include a range of colors, decorative accents and architectural styles. While you can still use basic horizontal siding strips, creative options abound. Installing new siding goes beyond fixing a problem. It includes making a statement and adding curb appeal. Styling and color play big roles.

There are five main categories of siding style:
1. Clapboard siding or horizontal siding
2. Shakes and shingle siding
3. Board and batten or vertical siding
4. Scallops siding
5. Dutchlap siding

Within each there are variation in length, color and textures. A popular siding style moving into the second decade of the 21st century is to combine different siding styles on the same house. Shakes on the front and more traditional clapboard on the sides is one popular variation. Another is mixing shakes with board and batten walls.

While vinyl siding is the most popular material choice, these styles are commonly available in all the popular materials – aluminum, fiber-cement and wood for example.

A Closer Look At Replacement Siding Options

Until recently, siding was not a consideration in the overall design. Its contribution to curb appeal was mostly color. Consider the five options one at a time:

  • Clapboard – horizontal straight lines – is the traditional first choice and remains popular nation-wide today. Its customary long, narrow boards represent a classic design. Clapboard is one of the most cost-efficient siding choices because it is basic and relatively easy to install.
  • Shakes and shingles – usually considered a premium siding style available in limited designs, However, today’s vinyl siding choices make it far more attainable for suburban uses. These styles are associated with New England and Victorian-era architecture as well as cottage and rustic designs. Traditional shakes, because of their cost and labor-intensive installation, are often used as accents. Vinyl siding mimicking shake designs makes using these features more extensively an option. New technology reduces the time and complexity of installation.
  • Board and batten – siding run vertically on a wall as opposed to horizontally. Often a combination of wide siding boards with narrow pieces covering and sealing seams. The narrow boards are the batten. This design style is the result of people getting bored with horizontal installations. Originally more expensive than horizontal installations because of the extra pieces involved, board and batten styles also benefit from new look-alike vinyl creations.
  • Scallop siding – even in the newest materials is rarely used. It is best used as an accent on peaks or secluded areas. Popular for dramatic effect, especially on a Victorian-era home. Commonly more expensive but since it is used on small areas the cost isn’t normally an issue.
  • Dutchlap siding – very similar to traditional clapboard except the top of each board is notched to create a shadow line. The seemingly minor groove adds definition to the siding and is strictly an appearance element.

Exterior Home Design Accents And Features

Replacement Siding | Madison WI | Sims Exteriors & Remodeling
Combining dramatic colors, accents and siding styles makes a statement and gives your home unique personality. That’s “curb appeal.”

There are many ways to complement the look of new siding. Decorative accents like shutters are the most popular choice with doors and windows a close second. Architectural designs and material choices make these elements stand out. But what really adds the extra flare is color.

Color adds character and generates emotional responses. As you choose color ask yourself:

  • “What mood do I want to feel when approaching my home?”
  • “Are there specific colors that make me feel good – not so good?”
  • “Are there colors that make sense with your chosen architectural style?”

There are so many color choices today – siding-makers offer dozens of standard colors and many custom color options – making the right choice isn’t as easy as it once was. You don’t have to be an artist to choose the right color. There are professional siding color consultants just a click away!

Touring a new housing subdivision you’ll soon realize that “gray is the new beige” for house colors. Gray in its many subtleties is the hot color for 2020. That’s true for both interior and exterior color schemes. But, that’s not to say it’s your only choice. Personality comes into play when choosing colors. Make a statement of your own! You can incorporate your favorite color combinations into your home in many ways, including:

  • Siding color choices
  • Accent trim – shutters, etc.
  • Roofing materials in complementary colors
  • Window and door frames – top manufacturers have expanded their lines to include many more decorator colors
  • Stone veneer – natural stone or manufactured stone to bring in accent colors and unique textures

Experience Counts In Choosing Replacement Siding

Having an array of color, material and design choices is important when choosing the right siding for your home. But, never underestimate the importance of reliable Installation. Fielding a team of skilled, highly-trained, skilled installers separates Sims Exteriors & Remodeling from other area contractors. Sims has decades of experience serving Madison and greater Dane County

When it’s time to give your home a new look, contact Sims Exteriors & Remodeling by email or calling 608-825-4500. We’ll schedule discuss all the design options. We provide everything it takes – replacement windows, roofing and remodeling expertise. Count on us for the replacement siding that’s right for your Madison WI area home.