Winter Siding Replacement – Yes, You Can Do It Now!

You’ve been putting off new siding for too long, right? So, stop and make plans because winter siding replacement is not only doable, it has advantages. There’s no reason to go through the coldest months of the season in your Madison WI home without siding protection. With the right products and a skilled, experienced siding installation team you can benefit from new siding right now.

When your energy bills are climbing explore your options – new siding makes a difference.

The No. 1 advantage to signing on to a siding replacement in the winter is seeing a return on your investment almost immediately. You’re investing in new siding for more than its good looks, right? You want all the benefits it represents to your energy bills. A winter-time installation, especially using insulated vinyl siding, keeps your home’s heat in. That has immediate impact on heating bills. When the warmth of spring and summer comes around, the added insulation adds value by reducing cooling costs, too. If you’re concerned with managing heating/cooling costs now’s the time to act.

In addition to the energy-savings benefits of new siding, you cannot overlook its good looks. Clean lines and statement colors add to your home’s curb appeal. Replacing siding is one of the best and most cost-efficient ways to improve your home’s appearance and boost its resale value. New siding looks great even on gray, dreary winter days. With the wide range of colors and textures available, you can give your home a makeover any time. And remember, first impressions linger with would-be buyers.

Consider Vinyl As Winter Siding Replacement

The most popular choice for siding nation-wide are products made from vinyl in one form or another. In Wisconsin the No. 1 choice for siding replacements is traditional vinyl siding with an added, bonded layer of energy-saving insulation. The foam-type insulation allows the siding to go on as easily as more traditional versions but goes a long way to prevent heat loss all year around. There’s an additional benefit to adding insulation to the siding. It insulates against outside noise, too. In many neighborhoods that’s a real perk.

Scheduling a winter-time siding project has benefits for the installation process, too. Consider these factors:

  • Landscaping? No worries – your flower beds and delicate landscaping has been “put to bed” for the winter. Installation crews have fewer obstacles to work around – not counting holiday lighting, of course. When the team doesn’t have to work around delicate gardens it gets the job done faster and that saves you money.
  • It’s the ‘off season’ – you didn’t think about installing siding in winter at first, right?  Neither do most people so you have a better chance of getting on the installation schedule when it’s most convenient. And, because demand is at a low point more people can be devoted to your job – again making it go faster!
On the dreariest winter day, new vinyl siding makes your home a bright spot in the neighborhood.

Winter-time Siding Installation – Pros, Cons

While taking on exterior home improvements in the frigid months in Madison isn’t high on most people’s to-do list, making siding changes now does make sense. Consider the advantages:

  • Scheduling flexibility –  your contractor’s calendar is likely to be open to do the job on your schedule and, unless the weather gets really ugly, it will get done faster than in warmer months.
  • Cost-efficient installations – while material costs don’t change much, contractors often charge less in the off season because they want to keep crews working.
  • Environmentally-sensitive materials – vinyl siding is effected by heat. It expands. When it gets cold, it contracts. Installed in hot temperatures and nailed too tight it can crack or buckle when it contracts. Installation in fall or winter results in the least amount of environmentally-related problems.

If installing new siding in winter was always just right, more people would do it, right? There are disadvantages, too.

  • Very cold weather – just as vinyl expands when it is really hot, it contracts when it’s really cold. Installing siding when it’s colder than 40 degrees increases the chance of cracking and buckling. It cracks when it gets colder and buckles if it expands. It takes a skilled, experienced siding installation team to get it right.
  • Timing is everything – with more people available to take on the job it should get done faster. However, Madison’s winter weather is unpredictable and uncooperative. An extended period of subzero temperatures or a sudden snow storm can delay a project. Tapping the experience and advanced planning of a dedicated remodeling contractor is the best hedge against the weather.

Winter Siding Replacement – Bring In The Pros

There is no getting around it, winter is almost here and will be with us for a long time. Daily temperatures are dropping and the cold wind is making itself felt. Siding plays a major role keeping these elements out. As your review monthly bills are you spending more than you like on heat? Weigh the pros and cons of new siding with the amount of money spent for heating in the months ahead. Is waiting until spring a viable option? It’s not too late to replace existing siding with all-new insulated vinyl siding – as long as it’s done by a contractor who understands the demands of local weather and the physics of temperature change in building materials. There’s more science to winter siding replacement than you think.

Successful siding installation takes planning, attention to detail and coordination any time of year, but never more than now. When you work with Sims Exteriors & Remodeling you don’t need to put off a project that will benefit your family.

Sims Exteriors & Remodeling has been siding homes in the Madison area year-in and year-out for decades. No company in the area matches our experience. Our crews are well-trained and ready to work in every season. In addition, our supplies have the best warranties in the business. On top of those exceptional warranties, our organization stands behind its workmanship and delivers the professional results you expect. When you’re making a major investment, any time of year, you want service from a company you can trust, right?

When new siding is in your future, email us or give us a call at 608-825-4500.  Sims Exteriors & Remodeling is a recognized leader for high quality siding products. We’re ready to take on your winter siding replacement job anywhere in the Madison WI area.

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