Entry Doors – Making Great First Impressions

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Choosing the right entry doors for your home puts an exclamation point on its design. It tells guests and family “you’ve arrived” and makes a statement to passersby. Curb appeal is critical in creating lasting value and very little plays a more important role than a good-looking front door.

For a quick curb appeal update, consider a new front door. Realtors report that, done right, an attractive front door returns 100% of it cost when a property sells. So, whether you’re planning to replace a worn door or upgrade to something with more appeal, a great front door is worth the effort.

Entry Doors | Madison WI | Sims Exteriors & Remodeling
Door hardware need not be boring and plain – enliven your front entry with imagination.

Entry Doors – Plenty Of Choices

You may think “a door is a door,” right? Do you know what different materials and stylings are available? When you start looking for a new one, you’ll be surprised at all the variations. To begin with, you have the three most common basic building materials with variations:

  • Steel Doors
  • Solid Wood Doors
  • Wood Doors with Windows
  • Solid Fiberglass Doors
  • Fiberglass Doors with Windows

Steel front doors are very popular because they provide a sleek, clean look. They are weather-resistant and strong. The strength of steel provides an extra element of security, too. Most modern steel doors feature a steel outer skin with an insulation underneath – some use foam and some use a wood core. Steel doors are easy to clean and can be painted to match your home’s trim – or to make a bold statement!

Wood front doors, either solid wood or with windows, gives your entry a premium look. With many different woods from which to choose, and dozens of finishes there’s one that’s right for almost any home. Many come pre-stained or primed so you can match existing stains colors. With design accents, hardware and windows wood doors make a solid statement – in more ways than one!

Fiberglass doors have grown in popularity in recent years. High-quality fiberglass reflects craftsmanship like wood but is lighter and more durable. Fiberglass doors resist warping, dents, rot and extreme weather. They are almost maintenance-free. Available in textured or smooth finishes they can be painted or stained to match any exterior décor.

As you research what options appeal the most, visit the Pella Windows & Doors site for detailed comparisons of door styles and materials.

How To Refresh Your Front Door

When it comes to refreshing the look of your home, adding a coat of new paint is an easy place to start. That’s true for front doors, too. One of the quickest fixes for your front door is to paint it. Do you have a favorite color? Does the front of your house need a “spark?” It doesn’t take a lot of paint, time or experience to give your front door a facelift. If you’re thinking of painting the door, consider these professional tips:

  • Take the door off – you can paint it while it’s on the house, but taking it down and removing all the hardware will give you a better, more professional finish.
  • Sand the surface – lightly sand the door to smooth over old paint drips, nicks, dents or scratches.
  • Use primer – apply a prime and be sure to let it dry thoroughly before applying color.
  • Protect the surface – protect the door while it dries to keep dirt, dust and bugs off the wet paint.

If your plan includes replacing your front door there are dozens of styles and sizes available. Before you go “door shopping” plan your search. The window and door specialists at Sims Exteriors & Remodeling suggest:

  • Do your homework – where will you get your inspiration for a new door? Look at remodeling magazines, check out key websites like Pella’s for tips and advice and observe what’s happing in your neighborhood and similar neighborhoods in the area. You want a door that complements and accents your home’s architecture and your personality, right?
Entry Doors | Madison WI | Sims Exteriors & Remodeling
Take the opportunity to make a great first impression with a new front door.

Entry Doors With Pizzazz

Adding glass in and around the front door dramatically changes to look of your entryway. Decorative glass not only provides style it allows for more natural light around the front door. Glass options range from traditional and classic to ultramodern with textures and patterns. Modern glass contributes to making front doors more energy efficient, too.

If you don’t want windows in your door, consider sidelights and transoms. They add even more natural light and come in many sizes and unique shapes. Consider these elements for a more dramatic entrance. Sidelights work well on the left, right or both sides of the door – your choice.

Hinges are not just boring anymore. Don’t overlook the impact of decorative, unique hardware. Would you like something eye-catching that serves a purpose, too? The front door has to keep out the elements, secure your property and look good. But you’d like your new front door to have a little pizzazz, too, wouldn’t you? Door hardware combines form and function in the finishing touches.

When you’re ready to explore all your front door options there’s no better place to begin than with Sims Exteriors & Remodeling. We’ve banked decades of experience related to siding, roofing and replacement windows and high-quality doors in the Madison area. Call 608-825-4500, or email us when you’re ready explore the world of quality entry doors for your Madison WI home.

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