Match Shingles And Siding For Fantastic First Impressions

Finding the right combination to match shingles and siding not only makes for excellent curb appeal, it adds to your Madison WI home’s resale value when that time comes. The right combination of colors and style offers a subtle benefit or makes a personal statement. You have plenty of choices.

Whether you’re looking to change one or the other – or both siding and roofing – paying attention to these details pays off.

Match Shingles And Siding | Madison WI | Sims Exteriors & Remodeling
Mix and match styles, colors and textures to create the curb appeal you’re looking for with the right shingle and siding combination.

Many different color combinations look good together. Some make bold statements. Everyone lets your personality shine. Unfortunately not every combination enhances your home’s value – beauty is indeed “in the eye of the beholder.” If selling your home is in the near future, consider taking a less dramatic approach. If this is your “forever home,” the palette is wide open.

Coordinate Tones To Match Shingles And Siding

Selecting an appropriate color isn’t as easy as it first appears. Understanding the concept of color tone is a key first step. In general, colors are sorted into one of two groups: warm colors and cool colors. Warm colors include: yellow, orange, red, brown and gold. Cool colors include: white, blue, green and purple.

If you choose a warm-toned roof to go with warm-colored siding they’ll likely coordinate. Same with a cool-colored roof and cool-toned siding. This basic rule of thumbing is an excellent guideline to remember.

Do you want your home to really stand out in the neighborhood, or are you simply looking to accent your personal design? Color combinations are both dramatic and subtle. There’s one for every personality. Changing just one color makes a big difference

Match shingles and siding for a dramatic and uniquely personal touch to set your home apart from all the rest.

In addition to tone, the concept of contrast plays a vital role. The more contrast between roof and siding (or exterior trim like windows and shutters) the more dramatic the final look. The more the chosen colors have in common the more subdues and subtle the outcome.

You want your choice to match siding with shingles to be both uniquely yours and blend well into the neighborhood, right?

Consider the possibilities:

  • A cool-toned blue roof with a warm tan siding is dramatic
  • The same home with a green roof and tan siding is subtle

Dramatic doesn’t mean all bold colors it grows from contrast between colors.

Sims Exteriors & Remodeling calls upon its decades of roofing and siding experience coupled with the latest professional design resources. When you’re planning a renovation that includes either changing siding or shingle colors, give us a call or check out these Design Tools.

Match Siding And Roof – old and new

When your renovation is based on new siding don’t overlook the color of the existing roof when you make your color choice. If your home already has brick red or rusty tan roof consider a warm shade of tan, beige or brown to go with it. If, like many in the Madison area, your roof is black or slate gray pewter gray, blue or green are top choices.

Re-roofing your home? A perfect time to enhance curb appeal with a change in color. You don’t have to use the same color shingles as you take off. Common colors used for decades include black, brown, gray and red – or variations of each. They’ve always been popular choices because they mimic natural materials like slate, wood and clay. And they remain popular and readily available today. If what you have is what you like, the only decision is finding a reliable, professional installation team.

If your plan includes a significant change, experiment. There are various shades of each color – lighter and darker – that lead to dramatic effects.

Beyond color, the choice impacts other aspects of your home, including:

  • Dark colors absorb heat and draw it into the house – not bad in Wisconsin’s cold winter, but less ideal in its hot summer months.
  • Lighter colors reflect heat and help keep the house cooler.

Remember the color of the shingles has less impact pro or con when combined with adequate attic ventilation and proper insulation. Your final energy savings depends more on these elements than any shingle color choice.

Modern developments making them algae-resistant have brought lighter colored shingles to center stage more often today.

Mix And Match Shingles And Siding Carefully

The roof on your Madison home represents about 40% of its exterior appearance, the siding accounting for most of the rest. These two, in combination warrant your attention. An excellent rule of thumb for creating curb appeal while blending into the neighborhood’s overall style is:

Mix patterns, colors and styles with care – use the same mix and match guide on the outside of your home as you do inside.

Consider these memorable and practical combinations of siding and shingle colors:

  • A red house — the best match for a roof is dark brown, black or gray.
  • Light gray siding — matches well with gray, black, green, blue or white shingles.
  • Beige of cream-colored siding — almost any dark color including brown, black, gray, green or blue.
  • Brown siding — simple gray, brown or green are good choices.
  • A white house — here’s where your personality shines, almost anything works from dark browns, gray, black, greens, blues and reds.
  • Weathered wood or log homes — natural colors are top choices including brown, green, black and gray. In the right surroundings, red works well, too.

Match Shingles And Siding – Don’t Overlook Reliable Installation

When you’ve narrowed down your choice of shingle colors and siding styles you’re only half way to a successful renovation. The key to a successful roofing solution or residing project depends more on installation than color or material choices. You need a roofing and siding professional you can count on. Your home is too important to risk a second-rate job, right?

Sims Exteriors & Remodeling has been installing and repairing siding and residential roofs in the Madison area for decades. No company in the area matches our experience. Our crew members are well-trained and experienced. This is their No. 1 job. They are skilled craftsmen. When you want to make a statement with modern siding and an all-new roof we’re up to the challenge. We have all the tools to do the job right the first time. We’ll install new siding or a new roof quickly and efficiently.

Where does your home fall in the range of local architecture? Do you love your classic Victorian, rambling ranch or cozy Craftsman cottage? We have shingles and siding to fit every style. Call 608-825-4500 or email us and we’ll arrange an interview to review your options. We’re your best resource to match shingles and siding choices for Madison WI homes.

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