New Shingle Choices Complement Architectural Styles

There’s no doubt the roof is an essential part of your home and today’s shingle choices give it a role in curb appeal, too. Your family and possessions depend upon a solid, reliable roofing system to keep them safe. Historically, the number one consideration for roof shingles has been security and longevity. You certainly want that for your Madison WI home, but now color and style adds flare, too. There’s no reason to sacrifice great looks for technology, right? Not with today’s shingles.

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There’s a shingle shape and color that’s a perfect complement to any architectural and creative style.

A new roof not only keeps your home cool in summer and warm in winter, it looks “cool” doing it. There are styles, colors and high-tech materials to provide protection and complement every architectural style. GAF, one of the industry’s leading shingle makers has a lineup underlining the commitment to keeping up with trends and “hot” styles. Its shingle lineup includes styling to accent the most popular architectural standouts, including:

  • Colonial standards
  • Popular Craftsman homes
  • French Country creations
  • Mediterranean and Tuscan styling
  • Ultra-modern and contemporary building
  • Mountain retreats
  • Rambling ranch homes
  • English Tudor styles
  • Ageless Victorian homes

Don’t Undervalue Your Shingle Choices

Your home’s roof provides about 40% of the building’s visible exterior so it has to be in the overall curb appeal discussion. Look around the neighborhood, how many of your neighbors appear to have given much attention to roofing options? Picking the right roof should be as important as trim and siding colors, right?

Color and shape make these shingles unique and perfect for this cottage.

Considering the neighborhood is important. You don’t want your home to standout for the wrong reasons – especially when it comes time to sell it. Choose shingle colors that harmonize with your structure and the overall “feel” of the neighborhood and natural surroundings.

Sizes, shapes and basic structure of your new shingles are important, but when it comes to adding character nothing trumps color. Once limited to a few basics – tones of blacks and browns, mostly – today’s color palette is extensive. The most popular colors according to a 2019 industry survey include:

  • Black and gray mixes – remain top choices
  • Blue and green shingles – especially near water
  • Beige and gold – work really well in areas with a lot of trees that provide fall color
  • Brown and red tones – provide a warm aspect and country charm

‘Shop’ Shingle Colors

Take a drive through new neighborhoods and you’ll see one of the latest trends in color choices: lighter colored roofs. Dark grays and blacks have been replaced by softer, light hues in tan, green and blue. Lighter colors soften the edges of many architectural styles. They help keep the home cooler in summer, too. Really dark roof shingles will never disappear, but different color choices are making their way into the building trades. And, you can have a darker roof with shades of blue, green, brown and red, too.

Designers spend a lot of time exploring color combinations. When it comes to matching shingles to house color they suggest:

  • Red or redwood stained house – dark brown, black, gray or green shingles
  • Light gray home – gray, black, green, blue or even white shingles
  • Tan home – brown, black, gray, green or blue roof
  • Dark brown home – gray, brown, green or blue roof
  • Natural siding or log home – brown, green, gray or blue shingles

If you live in a traditionally styled white home, designers agree that almost any colored shingles work. It’s a matter of personal preference no matter what color your home is.

A lot of time goes into discussing “curb appeal” but there’s another view equally important to your family. It’s the view from the backyard. When you’re enjoying your outdoor living space does the roof add to the experience or is it “just there?” An attractive roof makes a difference all around. The “appeal” should be for you and your family, not just the neighborhood, right?

Materials Included In Shingle Choices

Color is the attention-grabbing element in choosing a new roof, but what shingles are made from is where science comes in. Just as with the color palette there are more shingle material choices than ever.

Man-made shakes are better than the real thing.

Asphalt shingles cover about half the roofs in this country according to industry sales statistics. The material isn’t new, but how it is engineered and applied has kept up with technology. Today’s asphalt shingles are as close to state-of-the-art as you can get. Their advantages include:

  • Increased reflectivity to repel damaging UV rays.
  • Ability to withstand extremes of weather from Wisconsin’s summer heat and humidity to its harsh winter temperatures.
  • Long-term viability with extended warranty protection – 50 years or more.
  • The latest developments making shingles algae, mold and mildew repellant.
  • Fire-resistant advances.
  • Available in custom shapes, sides, textures and dozens of colors.

Relatively new on the scene are shingles made from metal. A metal roof usually brings to mind an industrial or agricultural application of solid colored panels. While that is still a popular option, metal shingles are available to mimic many traditional looks. These shingle-like panels provide all the positive attributes of a metal roof plus more pleasing styling. Metal roofing adds additional color choices like copper and bronze.

True cedar shakes have a real impact – on your home’s appearance and your bank account. Fortunately, thanks to advances in synthetic roofing materials you can have long-lasting molded shingles that look just like the real thing. They look authentic and they won’t split, rot or warp. They’re also fire-resistant and stand up to high winds better than the real thing.

Skilled Installation Supports Shingle Choices

When you’ve worn out the pages of design publication and product literature and narrowed down your favorite shingle colors and styles, call on a roofing professional you can count on.

Sims Exteriors & Remodeling has been installing and repairing residential roofs in the Madison area for decades. No company in the area matches its experience. Our crew members are skilled craftsmen. When your home needs roof repairs or you want to make a statement with an all-new roof we’re up to the challenge. We stay up-to-date on the latest techniques and have all the tools to do the job right the first time.

No matter the style of your Madison home – a classic Victorian, rambling ranch or cozy Craftsman cottage – we have the perfect roofing system. Call 608-825-4500 or email us and we’ll set up an inspection review your options. Tap our years of experience suggesting shingle choices for Madison WI homes.

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