Replacement Windows – Installation Is Key in Madison WI

The biggest mistake we see homeowners make is obsessing on statistics about replacement windows they buy for their homes.

Problems can occur when homeowners rely solely on the product stats. The reason is second part of the equation revolves around the contractor you choose to do the work and what techniques the contractor uses to install the products you choose. Even the best products can be reduced to average or below average performance as a result of poor installation.

As specialists in installing replacement windows, siding and roofing in the Madison WI area, we concentrate our efforts on our installation techniques. Frankly, if we don’t, superior products will perform at a much lower level…no matter how much homework you do.

Air, Water & Bug Tight – Proper Installation of Replacement Windows 

When installing replacement windows or siding, craftsmanship is the key. In both instances, these materials are your home’s first line of defense against the elements. If the job is done right, there should be next to no air infiltration and zero water infiltration.

However, it’s difficult for homeowners to monitor how the installation process is handled. Following are a few thoughts to provide a frame of reference.

 Installation Issues For Replacement Windows

  • You must start with a quality window installed correctly. Many major brands are very similar. The same glass, materials and gasses are often used by competitive window manufacturers. We use high quality windows that are not brands built on advertising. This translates into less product cost for our customers coupled with the highest performance specifications.
  • Insulation: The rough opening should stuffed with batted insulation. If not, you may be negating any advantages window construction and glass coating can provide.
  • Windows should be wrapped with a bent cladding to create a self enclosed unit. Our exclusive built in “J” channel eliminates the old style vinyl “J” channel adding a higher level of protection against water and pests. Visit our showroom and we’ll demonstrate how this is done.
  • Where appropriate, all areas are then caulked and smoothed properly with 25 year silicone to further seal your window (and home).
  • Finally, a cladded nailing flange is taped to the wall with our Weather-Max Extreme window tape to complete the ultimate self-enclosed unit.

Craftsmanship Is Key with Replacement Windows

Ask the contractor you are considering about their window installation process. The answer they give, along with the references they provide, will give the information you will need to choose a contractor for your home.

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