Replacement Windows Madison WI – Wood Or Plastic?

Finding replacement windows for your home is a big project and requires a great deal of research. There are more options than ever

Wood - Vinyl Replacement Windows Comparison table
Vinyl windows offer a less expensive option and is nearly maintenance free

before in terms of product offerings and suppliers for homeowners to consider.

The vast majority of replacement windows are primarily constructed of either wood or vinyl. This article is to introduce you to the basics of these replacement windows choices so you can begin the learning and comparison process.

Listed below are general comparisons of the two major types of construction for replacement windows.

General Guidelines for Madison WI Vinyl Replacement Windows

Vinyl replacement windows have come a long way in the past twenty year. Their construction, strength and durability has improved (as it has with all plastic). Just think about the durability of the plastics used in automobiles.

Vinyl Replacement Windows –

  • Cost 20-30% less than wood constructed windows
  • Require little or no maintenance
  • Are very durable
  • Expand and contract more than wood replacement windows
  • Are  Warmer
  • Are designed with chambers to improve insulation capabilities
  • Can be buil;t with a wood grain look and still cost about 15% less than wood grain
  • Can have foam filling ot increase frame rigidity and insulation capability

General Guidelines for Wood Replacement Windows

Wood replacement windows are a favorite because of their classic good looks and overall reliability. Many people assume they will install wood windows before considering other options. The are more expensive and as a rule, many homeowner are willing to pay a premium price until they are provided with additional information.

Wood Replacement Windows –

  • Are more expensive
  • Are the favorite replacement windows choice for residential applications
  • Are very durable
  • Are natural wood – they are a green product
  • Can show wear and tear
  • Will need routine maintenance such as stain or re-sealing every five years
  • Are Generally aluminum clad
  • Extruded aluminum formed with window material creating thermo breaks
  • Roll formed aluminum provides a cosmetic wrap – they are inexpensive compared to the Have extruded options and feature no thermo break

Panes Of Glass In Madison WI Replacement Windows (Vinyl and Wood)

When considering replacement windows, multiple pane windows are an important component. They are designed to have a space in between the panes of glass filled with various gasses. This helps eliminate condensation of moisture and enhances the performance of the windows.

In general, the following applies to most double or triple pane replacement windows. .

Double pane replacement windows have a ½ inch space between panes which are often filled with argon gas

Triple pane replacement windows have a 1/8 inch space between panes which are often filled with krypton gas. Krypton gas is less dense and can accomplish the same insulating effect while taking less space.

These few points will get the replacement windows learning process started. However, there are many manufacturers of both wood and vinyl replacement windows. It is important to review the options and consider carefully the contractor you choose to install your windows.

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