Roof Repair Takes More Than Shingles

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With dozens of colors and texture options the latest shingles combine dependable performance with high-level technology and world-class warranties.

When damage or age leave your home in need of roof repair, it takes more than a few new shingles to do the job right. Installing a new roof or repairing the existing one on your Madison WI home demands a coordinated roofing system for maximum efficiency. Your roof has one main job: protect your home, you and your family. A reliable roof includes:

  • A solid roof deck
  • Breathable roof deck protection
  • Appropriate attic ventilation for moisture and temperature control
  • Ridge caps for complete moisture protection

A reliable set of roofing materials installed by trained, experienced roofers makes the difference between long-term satisfaction and a quick patch.

Roof Repair Step By Step

Anyone who has seen a house in the midst of a roofing project sees only a couple of the steps it takes to create a safe, dependable roof.

Installing a new roof or repairing an old one is a process. Each step has a purpose. Cutting corners will prove costly in the long-run. Count down the steps from the time you decide you need a new roof:

  1. Remove the old roofing – there’s a lot more to this than just tearing off the old shingles. The process includes preparing a new clean deck. Rotten, cracked decking won’t hold nails and invites leaks.
  2. Adding deck protection – breathable roof deck protection and reliable leak barriers lay a foundation for new shingles.
  3. Installing the right “starter shingles” – one of the most common sources of roofing system failure is poor installation of basic shingle starter strips. Shingles build upon each other to form an overlapping protective layer. If the first is wrong the chances of failure multiply.
  4. Correct shingle nailing technique – nails driven at angles or not driven deep enough lead to future trouble – from premature shingle failure to shingles blowing away. Using the right nails and tools makes a difference, too. Not all roofing materials use the same fasteners. Driving nails with the correct force makes a difference.

Technology Advances Roofing Systems

Roof Repair | Madison WI | Sims Exteriors & Remodeling
Modern architecture provides challenges to roofing professionals and roofing system makers – and they’re up to the task.

GAF, North America’s largest roofing and waterproofing systems manufacturer, and a partner with Sims Exteriors & Remodeling, recently introduced a new line of high-tech shingles. Timberline® HDZ™ shingles feature a unique LayerLockTM technology with StrikeZoneTM nailing. The combination not only speeds the installation process, it provides a more secure surface. The nailing area on the new shingles is nearly 6 times larger than on comparable older models making them much faster to align and install. GAF expects the new system to improve nailing accuracy by 99% — meaning installation times go down and performance goes up.

The new shingles also feature a dual-phase shingle-to-shingle seal with unique sealant properties. Shingles come together in a strong asphalt-to-asphalt bond that increases wind performance to new heights.

Wind is a natural enemy of anything fastened down. Wisconsin storms are renowned for their potential wind damage and selecting roofing materials with dependable warranties – and installation professionals who stand by their work – is vital. The new shingles from GAF have the industry’s most inclusive wind warranty. The WindProvenTM Warranty is the first roofing shingle warranty with NO wind limit. Most detail “guaranteed in winds up to…” but the new GAF product sets no maximum wind speed limitation when used with LayerLock technology and related accessories. Additional details on warranties are available at

Not only are the latest roofing systems designed for maximum performance, they’re designed to look great doing it. In the Madison area there are so many architectural styles choices for shingles has to number in the hundreds. You need multiple colors, textures, shapes and sizes. The latest technology is applied to all these aspects. No matter the shape of your roof, there’s a selection from which to choose.

Roof Ventilation – A Crucial Element

New shingles and all the best roofing materials underneath are still at risk without proper roof ventilation. Vents keep hot, moist air from building in attic space. When it does, there’s a risk of mold, mildew and eventually wood rot. Moisture in the attic threatens your roof from below. It reduces the effectiveness of insulation and increases energy costs, too.

The Federal Housing Authority, the Engineered Wood Association, local and national building codes and all major roofing manufacturers have requirements for attic ventilation. Installing ridge vents is the first step.

Ridge vents, as the name suggests, are installed on the highest parts of your roof.  Understanding which vents and how much ventilation you need is critical. Sims Exteriors & Remodeling has specialists dedicated to roofing. It knows local building codes for balanced attic ventilation. It will recommend the type of vents and the best type of installation. In addition to ridge vents, there are options of everything from fans to louvers and roof-top turbines. The overall square footage of your roof plays a huge role in your vent choices. Working with a seasoned professional team takes the guess work from the equation.

Roof Repair From A Contractor Who Will ‘Be Around’

The roofing business is one of the most maligned professions. That’s because when disaster strikes “roofers” come from everywhere to offer deals and bargains. Unfortunately, they disappear almost as quickly.  The roof on your home is too vital to put in the hands of individuals or companies you cannot trust. Product selection and price are factors to consider. But never underestimate the importance of installation. Knowing what to do, how to do it and having the training and tools to get the job done are crucial. With crews of skilled, highly-trained installers Sims Exteriors & Remodeling has separated itself from other area roofing contractors. Sims has decades of experience serving Madison and greater Dane County and will be standing up for its workmanship for decades to come.

When it’s time to make timely repairs or give your home a new look, contact Sims Exteriors & Remodeling by email or calling 608-825-4500. We provide everything it takes – complete roofing systems and industry-leading products backed by amazing warranties. We’ll complete your roof repair in Madison WI fast and do it right the first time.

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