Roofing Materials Add Color, Style and Function

Roofing Materials | Madison WI | Sims Exteriors and Remodeling
Roofing Materials | Madison WI | Sims Exteriors and Remodeling
“Basic Black” now comes in many colors, shades and shapes so a new roof can make stylish statement while protecting your greatest investment at the same time.

Shingles aren’t just black, brown or gray any more as roofing materials keep pace with design trends and technology. In 2018 your Madison WI home can have a trendy new roof to compliment your overall style and color scheme.

The basics for a residential roof have changed, too. There are more choices when it comes to what covers your home. Each option comes with its good points. The choice of roofing materials includes:

  • Asphalt shingles – Still the most common choice for replacements or a new roof. Top-end choices come with long-term warranties and will last decades.
  • Shakes and Wood Shingles – This is the choice for a rustic look but they require much more skill to install.
  • Composite Tiles/Shingle – If clay tiles fit your home’s architecture composites are easier to work with and better suited to some areas that real clay tile.
  • Slate – A true slate roof is special, and expensive. It fits only a few architectural motifs.
  • Metal – A roofing material that’s making strides in Wisconsin because it stands up to snow and ice but has yet to become popular for residential buildings.

Color Comes to Roofing Materials

For 2018 the hot trend in roofing is developing products that stand out in a crowd. That includes advances in textures and shapes but mostly color. More color options are available to complement most any homeowner’s preference. Among the most popular colors are red, bright white and dark blue. Multi-tones and organic hues are also in favor. Experts report that “people are getting creative with their new roof.”

TIP FROM A PRO — Pay attention to the performance factor when selecting roofing materials, don’t be swayed by what’s available in terms of color or shape. The bottom line is always performance!

When it’s time to select a color for a new roof, consider these important factors:

  • Dominant Weather – Climate has a lot to do with how shingles perform and putting the right color on the roof can have a 20 to 40 degree impact on the temperature in the attic – making a big difference in heating/cooling costs. Darker shingles absorb heat to keep things warmer in a Wisconsin winter and also help to melt snow and ice.
  • Color Coordination – Consider the overall palette of siding, brick, trim and accents on the building so shingles blend and don’t look out of place.
  • Architecture – The overall size and shape of your home matters. Dark shingles make a building look smaller while light colors will make it appear larger.
  • Make a “Statement” – Do you want to make a statement with your choice or blend into the neighborhood. Unusual color choices are noticed.
  • Rules and Regulations – There are homeowners’ associations and local building codes that may limit what you can and cannot do when it comes to adding color to a new roof.
  • What’s Available – Not every color is available in roofing materials used across the country. Determine what you can get before picking a color.
  • Seeing is Believing – Get a good look at the shingles you’re considering in all different lights. Colors change on cloudy days, morning and evening shadows and in bright sunshine. Check out shingle samples next to siding and paint, too. There are color visualization tools available online to simulate what to expect but only looking closely at your home provides a true picture.

More Technology Than Ever

More science and technology is going into the development of roofing materials than ever before. Among the changes driven by science are:

New Roof | Madison WI | Sims Exteriors and Remodeling
Shingles that work in harmony with brick, stone, siding and trim reflect attention to the role the roof plays in overall curb appeal.
  • Weather-related – catastrophic storms have focused attention on building codes for roofing, especially those related to damage from wind. New standards are in place to provide materials that will better stand up to high winds.
  • Going Green – “green” is more than a shingle color and more than an environmental trend. It’s mainstream and developing environmentally-friendly products to comply with state and local codes is ongoing.
  • Curb Appeal – the role a new roof plays in the overall value of a home is no longer overlooked and technology is being applied to address roofing materials that represent style without sacrificing performance.
  • Installation – roofing materials have become easier to store, transport and apply thanks to advances in shingle design and makeup. Adhesives and fasteners are better and better as technology keeps pace with demand.

Protect Your Home

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