Siding and Insulating Updates

Siding with Insulation Board-Sims Exteriors-Madiosn WI
Adding insulation under replacement siding improves energy efficiency

Siding your home is a great time to make it more energy efficient than it ever has been.

The way to accomplish this is to retrofit insulation panels underneath where the new siding will be installed. When the insulation panels are installed, it is important use Install Tape 2 on the seams so your home has a wind and vapor barrier for the first time.

Installing insulation panels under the new siding will help keep out cold in the winter and heat in the summer. It will also cause your energy usage to decrease, saving you money and wear and tear on your homes mechanical systems.

With the cold weather here now, this is a great time for siding your home and adding insulation for a warmer and more energy efficient home.

Siding – Retrofit Realities

With new siding projects where insulation is added, there are new realities homeowners of which homeowners have to be aware. First, they must understand along with a wind barrier because of the insulation panels and install tape, the also now have a vapor barrier. Trapping vapor in your home means you will have more moisture, or humidity, in your home’s air.

Siding-insulation panels-blue board
Any home can improve energy efficiency when siding by adding insulation panels

If you presently have a humidifier, plants, dishwasher, take showers or any other activity involving water, more of the water vapor will remain in your home. If humidity level is an important issue, be aware you may have to adjust the humidity levels with a dehumidifier or adjusting your humidifier.

Siding – Insulation Impact   

Sims Exteriors uses STYROFOAM™ Brand Residential Sheathing when siding with an insulation panel. It is an extruded polystyrene foam board with plastic film facers on both sides. Whether in new construction or residing applications, it provides a level, even surface for the exterior sheathing and for new siding material. It enhances energy efficiency, reduce condensation and create an attractive, long-lasting home exterior.

The thickness of the insulation panels are available in ½ “ , ¾” and 1 “ and have R-Factors of 3,4 and 5 respectively.

If you have any questions about siding or insulation call Sims Exteriors or email us and we will call you.

For more information about the insulation panels, check out the Structural Insulated Panel Association or Energy.Gov